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Audio Engineering

Beatreaper.com is your ultimate resource for all things tech with a focus on audio engineering software and hardware. Reviews, tutorials, networking opportunities, marketing, branding, and more.

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Tutorials, Gadget Reviews, New Talent

Includes up-to-date audiovisual content with on-demand music production tutorials, gadget reviews, and written content on up-and-coming talent in the music, entertainment, and tech industry.

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Content Contribution, Sponsored Posts, Advertising

Contact us for opportunities to guest-post, to interview for intern positions, for regular content writing opportunities with a dedicated byline, to advertise your products with sponsored posts, and for rates on adspaces.

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Starting the Trends

Beatreaper.com is not a resource for following the trends. We make them. Headed by a dynamic female audio engineer, Beatreaper.com is your one-stop-shop for all things tech, with a focus on music production.

We include news on innovative apps, gadgets, gear, software, automation, IoT, and more. We also report on notable influencers including industry leaders, producers, musicians, publishers, labels, internet startups, social media platforms, and more. Additionally we include helpful resources such as tutorials, reviews, tips, insights, trends, and provide guidance within the realm of professional organizing techniques, project management, crowdfunding, SEO, advertising, marketing strategy, and more.

Lacy Babcock is a tenured female music producer with an extensive background in tech. She has over a decade of corporate retail sales experience as a top representative in the nation for a major cell phone carrier. She specialized in providing tech support and workarounds to resolve complex issues for her business clients with her former employer.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications, and Sociology, has been recommended by the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors as a respectable writer in the industry. She is Director of Strategic Content for a tech startup run by web design industry leader Jeremy Williams, CEO of Vyudu Inc. She is also a major contributor for an up-and coming tech blog, Techdigg.com, which is a both a Google and Apple Publisher.

Beatreaper.com is an affiliate of Snoop Dogg’s, “Long Beach City Movement.” They are also Apple iTunes affiliates. Additionally Lacy Babcock runs an SEO content writer development group offering bylines on Beatreaper.com for only the very best writers. Additionally, she runs a couple of Female Music Producer groups on Facebook and Google Plus.

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For additional information on premium ad-space, sponsored posts, guest posting, to join our SEO content writer group with consistent access to bylines, for access to job opportunities with 3rd parties within several industries across the U.S., for moderator positions to help grow our network with our Facebook group for Female Music Producers, and other internship opportunities please contact us here.


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