2 Chains “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” Just Dropped

2 Chains “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” Just Dropped

2 Chains Pretty Girls Like Trap Music

On June 16th 2017, 2 Chains dropped a new album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.”

I actually just wrote a 1000 + word review that turned into a rant about mainstream rap. I looked at it again and remembered that I was making a real effort to try to keep things positive here and only write about art and music that is commendable, or at least I like to try to highlight the good qualities I can find when reviewing and reporting news on art and music. So, let me try this again.

The fact that 2 Chains is almost 40 and has had a real solid like 5 year run in the mainstream rap game says something about his ability to do good business. Even though mainstream rap music has run it into the ground, he’s another rags to riches story and we all love stories about people living the American dream.  Although he raps about the typical money, hoes, fame, and designer drugs that have infiltrated his life, he’s still kind of a wild card. He’s a little unpredictable and says some pretty off the wall things.

The Trap Lifestyle: Dark Beats for Dark Moments

He has an interesting way of illustrating the dark moments of his life with beats that seem to change to match his modes. He does, however, seem to romanticize the “trap” lifestyle without seeming to realize it. He raps in a way that inadvertently glorifies drugs, infidelities, and other issues that come with the territory, like it’s all he has ever known. It would almost appear that he is paying homage to those dark moments as if he attributes his fame to illustrating a lifestyle that has brought him a lot of pain.

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You can draw your own conclusions about that, and you can make your own judgments about the subjective quality of his new album. It’s not really my thing, but then again I’m not really here to pass judgment either. I like some of the beats he picked out. I can’t really say I agree with the way he portrays the “trap” lifestyle. I think he could show more consideration for the appeal he attaches to a lifestyle that has caused so much destruction, by keeping the young and impressionable junior high-schoolers who listen to his music in mind.

You Can’t Just Blame 2 Chains for Our Societal Issues

executivesThere is a much deeper issue though within the realm of mainstream rap right now and it’s not fair to place all of the blame on rappers for the negative influence they sometimes have on their listeners. You have to keep in mind a lot of the mainstream rappers are being enticed with million dollar contracts and some of them are being totally manipulated by record label execs who make triple what they do. It’s not unrealistic to consider that these execs could be totally exploiting a lot of these rappers by dangling money in their face if they’ll jump through hoops that fit their agenda.

Call it a conspiracy. Maybe it is. Who knows? I’m glad that 2 Chains has been able to live his dream. I’m glad he has been able to find financial security and I’m glad he feels validated despite his hang ups. It’s not necessarily my flavor but I do like a lot of the actual beats on this new album. Some of the beats have a pretty dynamic sound and I wouldn’t mind having an instrumental copy of this new album. As for the name of the album, yes, pretty girls do like trap music. We don’t really like cliches though.

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