Adult Coloringbook Individual Prints Pre-Launch Promo

Adult Coloringbook Individual Copies of Signed Templates with Paypal Donation

Adult coloringbook Lacy Babcock

In preparation for the release and publication of Lacy Babcock's adult coloringbook, created to help provoke those who live busy lives -to tap into their creative sides, as a collaborative endeavor offering an opportunity to complete the artwork of miss Babcock and to help people to find a new creative way to relieve stress, miss Babcock is currently offering individual reproduced copies of her templates.

To help relieve stress for miss Babcock while she completes the finishing touches on her work this is a pre-launch promotional effort. Miss Babcock is currently taking donations to help cover expenses while the incredibly detailed artwork is in progress.

Each template takes hours to produce and every bit of it is completely free-handed using special Micron pens. Miss Babcock has been very excited about releasing her very first official publication for resale and is about 75% of the way complete.

Adult Coloringbook Catty
Adult Coloringbook Template: Catty

In order to keep on a reasonable schedule and in hopes of not having to completely abandon this project to focus on other time-consuming work for decent livable pay, miss Babcock is asking for donations in exchange for an official copy of work that is to be published in her up-and-coming adult coloringbook.

Each copy will be signed and serves as a collector's item. Any individual, corporation, or LLC that contributes funds to help sponsor this project will be mentioned in the actual physical copy of this adult coloringbook which will be distributed to various locations across the world.

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Miss Babcock will be heavily promoting this book as an effort to drive interest in affiliates, to promote the upcoming cultural diversity ad campaign, and to generate interest in other local and national artists. A donation of at least $2-$5 is encouraged to help with covering the cost to mail a copy of your template of choice and ultimately to cover day-to-day expenses like food, rent, and other necessities to keep her efforts going as a recent occurrence of events has led to a situation that jeopardizes her ability to move forward in engaging in similar projects for others.

Another way to help includes purchasing merchandise from affiliates such as, Society6, and from her individual stores in the links provided. It is also recommended to purchase merchandise directly through any of the affiliate links included on this page or any other page on this website.

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