Allen Cordell Wins the Internet with Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Backwash”

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Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Backwash”

On May 4th 2018, Black Moth Super Rainbow is dropping their latest album in over 6 years. They have most definitely made a name for themselves amongst the experimental indie rock crowd and with much anticipation, they are debuting a brand new song, “Backwash” from their new album “Panic Blooms” with a super quirky and entertaining music video!

****Spoiler Alert, We Couldn’t Resist****

Our Literal Interpretation of this Meaningful Work:

Allen Cordell Production | Black Moth Super Rainbow | "Backwash" | Screenshot from
Black Moth Super Rainbow | “Backwash” | Screenshot from

So, we got a pretty cool video of a guy eating some “Gack” Soup along with some squiggly octopi in the very beginning. Remember that stuff? Well, if you can remember what Gack tastes like, you can imagine that this guy’s sentiments for life and his gloomy surroundings, seems to be a lot like what Gack tastes like.

It’s especially sad because his date, “The Brown Trashcan”, we think her name might be Cassie, doesn’t even want to sit at the table with him because she wanted the Lobster and all he could afford was the Gack Soup and Octopi.

She’s just a super clingy jealous creep who sits there in the background gawking the whole time while he is subjected to the socially obedient glow of the happy couple at the other table. That is, until he meets his “ugly sweater-wearing sweetheart” at the same pretend restaurant in the back alley of someone’s house.

So, he convulses his way down the long narrow space that separates him and his newfound love. When he finishes his mating dance he shows the server who’s king by knocking him over on his way through. He rips off his shirt to show off his strapping manly body. Then, he grabs his new lover’s drink with gobs of, you guessed it!, backwash in it, and he proceeds to chug it to signify his ultimate unabashed instant love connection with his officially declared love thing.

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“They enter a blissful moment of violent tongue and mouth licking to seal the deal.”

Allen Cordell | Black Moth Super Rainbow | Backwash | New Music | Music Video
Screenshot | Black Moth Super Rainbow | “Backwash” | Music Video on

They enter a blissful moment of violent tongue and mouth licking to seal the deal, and begin their journey through all of the victories and woes of your typical modern-day relationship. They instantly transform to sexy gothy lovers who find happiness in misery and hating everyone in the world together as they roll around in the park until she conceives an adorable little plastic baby that grows into a real boy!

Allen Cordell Directed | Baby Cordell | Black Moth Super Rainbow | "Backwash" | Screenshot from
Baby Cordell | Black Moth Super Rainbow | “Backwash” | Screenshot from

They send him off to college at age 4. Of course, he goes to night school because he had to take a day job as an adorable child actor and model so he could afford to send money back home to help mom and dad through their financial troubles.

It still wasn’t enough. A young version of King Buzz, kept clogging up the commode, which became an overwhelming expense since he was still having problems digesting the Gack Soup from the day they met.

“Garbage Can Cassie” kept bombarding Buzz with trashy pictures that Cyndi often caught him looking at while stuck on the commode. Unfortunately for Buzz, it was a coincidence. He wasn’t interested in “Garbage Can Cassie” whom he ditched the day Cyndi and Buzz met at the restaurant.

It didn’t even matter though. Since his insides became so rotten, Cyndi could no longer bear the smell. Cyndi tried to face the other way while they slept but she disintegrated from the toxic fumes that seeped out of his rump.

He’s super depressed. His stomach hurts, and he is alone, once again. He thinks about simpler times where if he would have bought the Lobster that “Gold-digging” Cassie, “the garbage can” wanted, he could have avoided the whole situation.

You have to watch the video to see how it actually ends. Also, this was a creative interpretation of the video. It is not meant to serve as an official synopsis. We really liked it a lot and this loose interpretation of the video was our endearing way of saying that.

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Since we provided you with a nice little synopsis of the video storyline it is imperative that you watch it below, now!

You can get a nice little preview of that here, but let’s talk about what makes their new music video really stand out. First of all, this video has been touched by the talented Mr. Allen Cordell as he both directed and co-edited this masterpiece. A playlist of Mr. Cordell’s music videos can be found here:

Allen Cordell Never Disappoints with a Solid Crew to Boot

Accompanying Mr. Allen Cordell is a stellar group of rad men and women including but not limited to:

The lovely and creative, Mrs. Laurie-Isabella Cordell who perfected the wardrobe. The imaginative, Annie Tagge who concocted the makeup. Little baby Maxwell Cordell was even featured and he was fabulous!

Leon Manson and Emilie Winter were our whimsical star crossed lovers. The artful, Tallay Wickham produced this nugget. The imaginative cinematographer, Dillon Hayes was accompanied by the skillful Tristan Walczak and Megan Lovallo, who took charge of working the cameras for this operation. Robert Schober commanded the dreamy VFX, and Brock Bodell ingeniously co-edited this piece along with Mr. Cordell.

The Man Behind Some of Your Favorite Videos on the Internet

Mr. Cordell is also one of the creative visionaries behind many of the zany “Super Deluxe” videos that we adore! Here you will find some of his work for Super Deluxe.

Aside from his recent work with Super Deluxe and his countless music videos for some of the hottest emerging and well-known artists in the quasi-indie underground world, we are happy to report that we actually spotted him quite a few years back now so we haven’t missed too much.

We discovered Mr. Cordell years ago upon finding his music video for “Walk in the Park” by Beach House. We were so impressed with everything about the video that we wanted to know who it was that was in charge of conceptualizing such a masterpiece. We stumbled across none other than the one and only Mr. Allen Cordell. So, we decided to befriend him and it just so happens that he has conceived many many many of our most favorite videos to grace the web, to date.

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We feel very lucky to know such a hidden gem. We can’t bare to keep him hidden any longer.

Through Allen, one of our fav O.G. visual artists/directors, we have discovered several more accompanying talented individuals on and behind the scenes! Stephanie Ward is the gorgeous and talented director who is highly responsible for the series “Upgraded” starring the beloved Jeffery King and Jamie Loftus as well as several other stunning “Super Deluxe” Videos.

Jeffery has been doing wonderfully since we last checked in with him and has started his own clothing brand called, “Flash Forward“, which we will be sure to give all the deets on as soon as we get more info on new exciting developments for all of our Jeffery afficianados!

Jamie is another superstar who is currently creating internet magic with mixed media through a rad series hosted by Comedy Central called “Irrational fears” that features “real life” situations with her drawings.

There are so many good things that we could say about Allen and his accomplices, that seem to be populating the internet with a bit of it’s magic these days along with a style that exudes an irresistibly irreverent charm. For time’s sake we will have to hold off for another day to dig a little deeper to recognize the styles of some of the most aware and gifted talent out there.

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