Amazon is Looking to Enhance E-Commerce with “Amazon Anytime”

“Amazon Anytime” |An E-Commerce Messaging Service|


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Amidst the Whole Foods buyout, we feel like the general public overlooked something important. Amazon was talking about buying Slack for 9 billion dollars. Now we have heard the word on Amazon’s new messaging app, “Amazon Anytime.” Did you not see this coming?


Most of the reports we’ve seen have mentioned something to the effect that there are really more than enough messaging services out there and it seems like a lot of the tech experts doubt their messaging service will catch on like Facebook Messenger and What’s App. However, Amazon seems to have a specific purpose in mind. They appear to be totally on board with the idea of implementing a messaging service for businesses to rely on for customer service purposes and they aren’t alone. As The Motley Fool stated it, they appear to be joining companies like Facebook in implementing “social media as a customer service platform.”

messaging photoAlthough this news has not quite been confirmed yet, according to the Business Standard, they speculate that Amazon plans to equip their new messaging service for “message encryption, voice and video calling, and games.” This, of course, would most likely be in addition to features implemented to enhance the e-commerce experience.

We have some ideas of our own about this but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. Just think about what “Slack” is typically used for and who normally uses that app? We’re guessing that it could be used for more than just fun, games, and e-commerce. Amazon has a track record for coming up with innovative ideas and new technology developments. They have also invested quite a bit of money into incentivising the creation of new “skills” for their voice activated “Echo” line. Use your imagination on this one.

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Photo by Fosforix

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