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Amazon Go just Debuted it’s Flagship Store

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Amazon Go just opened it’s latest convenience store in Seattle Washington on Monday, January 22nd for its first trial run. After 5 years, they have finally begun testing out their new technology. They are located at the bottom of their headquarters as a brick and mortar style establishment with speedy checkout.

In order to shop here, you must first download the “Amazon Go App” and then scan it upon entrance. The way it works is with a combination of various censors that measure proximity for products on the shelves, scanners with highly advanced computer systems, and cameras to identify the shoppers.

There is virtually no checkout required. Customers just download the app, scan it on their way in, pick up the items they want, and leave. Their account automatically gets charged for the items.

Minimal Human Interaction

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The only human interaction necessary for the Amazon Go Store to function involves those who would need to be present to photo ID customers purchasing alcoholic beverages along with employees who would be responsible for restocking the shelves, assisting the customers, and those needed to prepare the fresh foods.

Otherwise, this could be a pretty monumental advancement in the way we do business on a daily basis, setting the bar for other convenience stores to try to catch up with this type of technology.

Pretty soon, we’ll probably see this type of technology popping up in other various types of retail stores as advancements in technology push for a demand to speed things up and make things more convenient for consumers. Amazon Go could revolutionize the way we shop on a day to day basis and it could happen sooner than we think!

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Amazon is Not Letting Up

Amazon has been raising the bar quite a bit over the past few years. They’ve made quite a few acquisitions already. They keep frequenting the trending tech headlines and they don’t appear to be stopping this pattern anytime soon.

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