Brandon Bailey Conjures “Rick and Morty Art”

Brandon Bailey: Conjures "Ultra Schwifty Art Show"

By: Lacy Babcock

Brandon Bailey is a lover of art, music, and all things nerdy. Ontario, California resident, this young up-and-comer has been making prolific works of art to last a lifetime. With Rick and Morty from Adult Swim, Star Wars, and other trippy cosmic themes he's been captivating the hearts of many.

As another member of the "Beat Scene," Brandon also makes verifiably supernatural beats. He's a multi-talented wizard. Mr. Bailey, the self-dubbed "Gandalf the Black," conjures up art and music that produces a feel as if it were created by some sort of unearthly magic. The genre he speaks through is most commonly referred to as ambient trip-hop and we love it just as much as we love his art.

This talented young man has a lot going for him. We've even been chattering about collabing on some collective creative projects and of course, as always, we've got to give this dude some serious "thumbs up." His stark awareness is both refreshing and stimulating bringing the kind of knowledge that tickles the brain waves.

Brandon BaileySo Mr. Bailey actually has an upcoming event called the "Ultra Schwifty Art Show" at the Alley Gallery in Pomona on July 22nd. Right now he is taking photo submissions of Rick and Morty art pieces with a deadline of June 18th and will be posting the artist lineup June 20th on his website.

You'd be wise to take a peek at what he's got cooking on his Bandcamp too, not to mention another reason we're here, to talk about his latest art pieces. We want to know what it is he's doin' to create such a buzz so we've sent him a few interview questions to find out what he's got on the agenda. His art and music speaks for itself but regardless, any modern-day artist/producer knows, he must be doing something right considering the kind of traction he's been getting lately on Facebook.

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Mr. Bailey easily clears somewhere in the hundreds of likes and gets tons of comments on each of his pieces, and most of us know how difficult it is to even get someone to look at you much less hit that like button. We're going to try to get some tips from Mr. Bailey to find out what kind of sorcery he's conjuring over there to create such rad pieces of art and music that seem to be provoking such a tremendous reaction from his audience.

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Check out Brandon Bailey's social media profiles, click the crystal ball to visit his website, click the button to download music from his Bandcamp, and purchase artwork from the chest icon.

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