Broken Social Scene “Hug of Thunder” Album Release

Broken Social Scene "Hug of Thunder" Album Coming July 7th 2017

Broken Social Scene "Hug of Thunder" | New Music | Beatreaper.comMark your calendars folks, Broken Social Scene is back! The indie super group's latest album "Hug Of Thunder" will be up for grabs on July 7th, 2017. Broken Social Scene's last five albums have been in heavy rotation in my seemingly endless collection for the past seven years, and I'm super excited to finally add some new tunes to the mix.

If you want to feed the stoke machine yourself, go check out the recently released singles "Hug of thunder" and "halfway home." If you're a true fan, you're probably going to want to learn all of the words to these new singles right away so that when they make it to your town, you'll be able to sing along flawlessly instead of looking like some kind of noob who only knows the words to a few songs from their older albums.

What better way to show off your indie music fluency by introducing your fellow indie rock fiends to an album they probably haven't even heard of yet, by serenading them with all of the words to these new singles. If you really want to be cool and up your indie music cred, you should go ahead and download these new tracks now and slip them into your party playlist. Then, watch the hi-fives commence as you introduce your friends to some cool new music.

Spoiler alert: If you feel like you don’t have enough Feist in your life, this album will definitely fulfill your indie rock needs! You can also rely on this new album to supplement your Metric, Stars, and Do Make Say Think, dietary needs. 17 musicians contributed to "Hug Of Thunder" including members of the aforementioned bands! They are promoting this album with a North American tour, and from my experience Broken Social Scene definitely puts on a live show you won't want to miss.

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Starstruck Chuck

I've personally been to six different Broken Social Scene concerts in my life and I haven't been disappointed by a single one of them. Every one of their shows can best be described as being a party on stage so it's no wonder fans seem to appreciate them so much.

I know I consider myself to be supremely lucky that I was able to catch the last show of one of their previous North American tours. I happened to catch them right before they returned to Canada and at this point, they were ready to let loose in a way that allowed fans like myself to share their sentiments as they commemorated another successful tour. They were ready to have some fun with their audience and managed to end their tour in a memorable way.

Audience Live PerformanceConsequently, it was at the Work/Play in Birmingham, Alabama that they put on one of the best shows I think I've ever seen. They did a stellar job of engaging their audience working the crowd throughout the show. Instead of relying on a traditional setlist, they took song requests from the crowd the entire night. A few of the band members were even found hanging out in the crowd that night too. To say the least, they made sure we had something to talk about for years to come.

Something particularly memorable happened to me that night, and I don't think I will ever forget this. I happened to be standing next to a woman who I thought was just another fan. I wasn't really paying attention to her because I thought she was just there to watch the show, like me. Well, this woman whom I stood next to most of the night actually turned out to be Amy Millan.

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Needles to say, not only was I highly entertained watching them work the crowd taking requests that night but I also found myself feeling a bit "Starstruck" over the fact that without even knowing it, I had been standing right next to Amy almost the entire show! In fact, she caught me so off-guard that I didn't even realize who she was until she had already cleared the crowd and took to the stage to perform.

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You probably don't want to miss the opportunity to see them live. You can actually preorder the new album in a variety of formats at the band's website. Personally, I'm excited about receiving my clear vinyl with an exclusive bonus track just for the early bird spin junkies like myself. If you'd like to get a leg up you can go ahead and grab the singles here and here and then preorder the album from iTunes here.

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