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Casette Tapes

Casette Tapes


2.5 /10


5.0 /10


5.0 /10


7.5 /10


5.0 /10


  • Definite hipster credit.
  • Doubles as a
  • Heavy so they make good ammunition for chucking at friends who buy CDs.
  • Takes up all that extra space that you don't know what to do with in your car.
  • Can be used to make your older friends feel really old just in case they start getting out of line trying to act more hip than you.


  • Requires you to spend extra money to purchase another outdated piece of equipment just to listen to them.
  • They're just the right dimensions for chucking at your friends when they start acting real stupid.
  • Can't be stored too close to your refridgerator magnet collection without getting completely erased.
  • They will be warped forever if they get a little bit too hot while sitting in the sun.
  • If your tape deck gets too dirty, it's impossible to try to listen to your tapes without them coming unspooled.

Popular Artists are Turning to Cassette Tapes for a New Stream of Revenue

Purchase a top-selling cassette tape player
Purchase a top-selling cassette tape player here.

History Repeats Itself: As we all know, history always seems to find a way of repeating itself. Old trends become new trends, and old ideas get rehashed in a way that appeals to a new generation. At least, that seems to be the case with tapes.

Now that collection of Rod Stewart, Boys II Men, Ace of Base, and Van Halen cassette tapes might be worth something more than just the sentimental value they hold. Since we’ve been announcing new music arrivals for the summertime we’ve noticed that a few artists we’ve discussed have been offering their new albums on tape.

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Cassette photo

All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Purchase Com Truise's "Iteration" on cassette tape
Purchase Com Truise’s “Iteration” on tape here.

A lot of the younger fans seem to like this idea because it’s “old school.” Some of the older fans seem to like it because, as we mentioned, it brings back a feeling of nostalgia. For these artists, it does appear to be a whole new stream of revenue, so they definitely seem to benefit somehow too.

They do Create a Cool Lo-Fi Sound Though

We’ve seen some interesting things being done with tapes to produce that muffled, dreamy sound. As experimental electronic music is becoming more and more widely accepted, old tapes have been a source of some sort of magic.

See What Nathan Popejoy Thought About It

Purchase Beach House's "B-Sides and Rarities" on cassette tape
Purchase Beach House’s “B-Sides and Rarities” on tape here.

Not everyone seems to feel the same way about these ancient artifacts. We’ve found an individual, Nathan Popejoy, who seems to have a real problem with these archaic, pieces of garage sale litter. Although we remain somewhat neutral on the topic, we’ve found his resentments to be quite amusing.

We asked him to review “Cassette Tapes” as a product. In the form of a product review above, his feelings about tapes have been revealed.



Cassette photoHere is what else he had to say about it: “I don’t get the tape resurgence. It’s such a terribly fragile medium. A little too hot? Warped sounding forever. Deck too dirty? Tape unspools. Magnet nearby? Blank.
I switched to CDs so fast and never wanted tapes ever again. Still, don’t. Not even a little nostalgic for that.”

He also suggested some advice for anyone looking to purchase new music in the form of a cassette tape rather than just a regular old CD or digital format. He said that the best way that you can care for your tapes is “By throwing them out the car window and buying a CD player with a USB interface.”

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Not Practical, but Could Prove to be a Lucrative Option for Newer Artists

We love Nathan’s attitude. We also love some of the artists we’ve mentioned here, and we do believe that adding this new.. err.. old method of releasing music is going to prove to be a new stream of revenue for these artists. Although it may not be the most practical-seeming option to those who have been there and done that, which is most of us who were alive when people were still listening to tapes, if you’re looking for that lo-fi low-quality sound, cassette tapes will definitely get you there.

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