Cellphone Camera Lenses (Universal Clip-on 8 in 1) Best Deal

Cellphone Camera Lenses: Universal Clip-on 8-in-1

Cellphone Camera Lenses

Cellphone Camera Lenses: I was in the market for a decent wide-angle, fisheye, and macro lense add-on for my cellphone camera. I came across a deal I could not pass up.

Most of these add-on cell phone camera attachments come as a 3-piece clip-on. The lowest-cost options run somewhere in the ballpark of around $7 with shipping. I found an option that provides an 8-in-1 universal clip-on attachment on Amazon and it did not disappoint.


These are the specs for the different lenses, taken directly from Amazon:

  • 1 x 0.65X Macro& Wide Lens+ Fisheye Lens 180°
  • Telephoto Lens 2X+ CPL Lens
  • Super Fisheye Lens 235°
  • 19X Macro Lens+ 0.4X Super Wide Angle Lens

One of my favorites of the clip-on cellphone camera lenses included in this particular set is the Super Fisheye Lens 235° because it enhances images by increasing the viewable area.

I highly recommend this set. Retail cost is normally $25.99. I paid $15.99 for this excellent deal. Not only does it clip onto my iPhone 6s but it also clips onto the various webcams built-in to my computers, and I’m sure you can get creative with it to think of some more devices it can be clipped onto.

Let us know about your favorite universal set of cellphone camera lenses. What are your favorite photo editing and sharing apps? Leave some feedback to let us know about your experience and your opinions in the comments section at the bottom.

Cellphone Camera Apps: Capturing, Editing, Sharing

Well, now you’ve got this crazy awesome set of lenses. You’re going to need some good apps to play around with. Let me give you a list of some of my favorites:

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Included in the list of apps above are ten different apps with creative filters, photo editinge, photo sharing, and even a stock photo sales. 

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