Com Truise Drops New Album “Iteration” June 16th

We love this guy. Really, we do! We've been following Com Truise since ancient times and we absolutely adore his work in all of it's nostalgic, cosmic beauty. A country boy at heart, Seth Haley can currently be found chilling in Los Angeles, California. The pressures of life here in L.A. with a fast-paced and often hectic environment hasn't caused him to flinch. Well, at least it has not caused his music to suffer one bit.

Com Truise Drops New Album "Iteration" June 16th, and We Love It!

Dreamy Riffs and Heavy Hitting Bass Lines

He still continues to astound us with heavy hitting bass lines and dreamy riffs. Teasing us with a couple singles "Isostacy" and "Memory" then even "Propagation" that showed up on Soundcloud a little over a week ago, today you will finally hear the whole thing in all of its glory.

Released with Ghostly International, "Iteration" is also available to order in cassette, CD, and Vinyl formats for those who are down to support one of their favorite artists copping a physical memento to commemorate the release of his new album.

One of the Coolest Dudes Making Music

Com Truise February 2012
Photo Cred: Gracelesslacy
Com Truise - Feb. 2012

As a huge fan of Com Truise, AKA: Seth Hailey, one thing that has always impressed me about him is the fact that he is such a nice, down-to-earth friendly guy. It never ceases to amaze me that it seems like the most successful artists, at least to my standards, are often some of the coolest people.

Now I'm not going to be deceitful, disrespect him, or make it seem like we talk all of the time or anything to try to ride on his coattails or to try to sound important because that's just not my style, but I have had a couple of conversations with him throughout the years and each time that I have talked to him he has always been really nice and respectful. It has always impressed me how friendly some of my favorite artists are.

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Show Some Respect and Appreciation for the Man

It always motivates me to want to try to do everything within my power to show my appreciation for the people who take the time to continue to create music that I can actually enjoy listening to and Com Truise has been on my list for a long time as a respectable artist.

Consequently, one way I show my appreciation is by supporting my favorites, monetarily, so do yourself a favor and show your appreciation too by downloading the album right here from iTunes so you can get your moves ready for his upcoming shows with tour dates, starting in October. I have to admit, I've been to quite a few shows in my time and I swear, there is nothing like listening to his live setup.

Comment, share this article, and let him know what you like about him and his music because I am going to show this article to him so he can at least see the humble opinion of at least one long-time dedicated fan here on my website and even though he's made some big moves I know, as an artist, it always makes your day a little bit better when you see the nice things someone has said about you. So help me out here and just leave a nice comment for him in the comments section below if you can, please.

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