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Earth Arrow | Fulfilling our Needs Concerning our Passion-Filled Long-Term Love-Affair with Music

Earth Arrow | Music Discovery |
Earth Arrow |

See, there’s this band, it’s called Earth Arrow. We wrote a solid review on them a while back, but we broke our admin login and couldn’t recover the article. We’ve been without any press on this amazing group for a while now, and this is just way long over due. We definitely owe them a follow-up. It’s our way of giving thanks for their hard work. They provoke us to write, so it’s only sensible to thank them for their amazing talents.

South Central LA Residents Battling for Equality

Earth Arrow Original | Music Discovery |
Earth Arrow |

So, this group is from South Central Los Angeles, in the heart of the city. They face all of the challenges that living life as target for people who have no love and empathy for humanity. They have gotten kicked out of their own homes, in the name of progress, as gentrification sweeps their home areas.

If you read the news, you’ll see several pieces on this already like LA Weekly’s “Battle for Boyle Heights.” They’re talking about an area called “Boyle Heights” that gets hit pretty hard with this devastation as close-knit communities and families are being destroyed. We claim to be Americans. We claim to be all for the American Dream. Well, why do we have to try to kill other peoples’ dreams in the process, to build our own? How does that make any sense?

Well, that’s kind of what Earth Arrow is about. You can feel it in their music, their poetry, and their attitudes towards the type of suffering they face on a daily basis. They combat it with music, art, and fashion. These are all outlets for expression for sublimating the pain they feel wondering why they don’t matter. Well, they do and they’ve got a voice too. You can hear it loud and clear as they sublimate their fears creating some of the most beautiful and moving music known to man. We’re talking the spirit of the civil rights era resurrected, only they know their history. They recognize the corruption that still exists in our institutions and the underhanded ways that groups of people are being controlled and manipulated and they are fighting back!

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Teaching the Youth to Fight Injustice Expressing themselves with the Right Rhymes

Earth Arrow | Chelsea Monet | Music Discovery |
Chelsea Monet | Earth Arrow

Chelsea Monet is one of their strongest voices and we hear her loud and clear. She teaches young kids how to write rhymes. She makes it a fun and educational venture. She doesn’t want these kids to face some of the same types of discriminatory attitudes she’s come across without being fully armed with the self-respect and self-love that she has learned.

No one deserves to be dehumanized or pushed out of their homes and this whole notion of being color-blinded is just as oppressive as anything else because it teaches people to feel ashamed of their family heritage, and their physical features. It teaches these young kids to feel bad about themselves. We need to embrace the physical features that make us all unique and we need to overcome this “divide and conquer” agenda because if we don’t we will destroy the human race.

Indie Labels! WHERE YOU AT?

Earth Arrow is a vessel of truth and light. They shed light on topics that need to be discussed. This group is composed of intellectuals, wildly talented individuals, and most of all people with heart. This music is some of the realest music out there right now and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and talent.

Right now, it is difficult for them to do what they need to do though because they are an independent band and they basically manage themselves. They don’t have a limited supply of money or a label to put them on tour yet. However, after giving it some serious thought we have determined that they would do really well with an indie label like Sub Pop along with Shabaz Palaces.

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That’s their call though. There are tons of other labels out there too that would be cool. You got the Detroit labels too like Young Heavy Souls. They’re pretty legit. That will be their choice though when the time is right, if they choose to sign to any labels at all. All we know is that whoever gets to this band first will not be disappointed.


Earth Arrow Comes to Long Beach

Earth Arrow | Music Discovery |
Earth Arrow |

Well, let’s get down to it. Earth Arrow is playing at the Prospector in Long Beach, California on Thursday, 25th, of this month which is January. The FB event invite is right here: Earth Arrow, Prospector, Long Beach Show

If you are able to go to this show, it’s going to be epic. We know this already. This is going to be our first time seeing them live in the flesh. Beforehand we caught a good little glimpse of the Live Facebook Videos they were putting out and we were just enamored. We could not believe our eyes.

Strength, Beauty, Flawlessness

Xia Gemiini | Earth Arrow | Music Discovery |
Xia Gemiini | Earth Arrow

We’ve also determined that they deserve to have theirown “Look Book.” You guys know what that is right? It’s one of those sort of portfolios of different fashion styles. We just saw some of their newer band pictures and someone is a freaking genius. I mean, my God. The aesthetics are off the hook. The thing that’s crazy is, you’d think that if a band has one thing goin on for them that they’d have to compromise somewhere else. Nope. On point. They are on point!

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That’s why we can’t believe that they aren’t on tour yet. Like, what’s the deal? Who is sleeping on these people? What is wrong with you guys? Is it that social media has influenced people to become so into themselves and so insecure that they can’t look around them to recognize all of the beauty and talent that surrounds them?

Come on you guys. Let’s do better about this. A lot of you are missing life’s treasures focusing on yourselves so much. Let’s try to show some more love for extraordinary people and if you’re having a difficult time figuring out who the extraordinary people are, you can always come here and visit us. We know who they are. That’s OUR gift. We find people. We share the excitement and we spread the news!

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