Frameworks “KINGS” is Coming Out this July

Frameworks Releasing New Album "Kings" Coming July 16th, 2017

Frameworks released his first single from his new album "KINGS" being released July 14th, 2017. We get a sneak preview of the first single "Titles" released June 16th. Frameworks is an up and coming artist releasing an album under Loci Records, which is a label that promotes "melodic downtempo, instrumental hiphop, and electronica." Loci Records is owned and operated by Emancipator a self-made producer out of Portland, Oregon.

Frameworks's new single does not disappoint. It's great background music for those chillout moments in college when you just want something a little low key to listen to that doesn't overpower your study session, to the stressful commute to work. Frameworks makes pretty easy breezy tunes for everyday life.

He's pretty dynamic with his drum beats yet keeps it all balanced with smooth melodic keys and the strings to boot. Frameworks, not to be confused with "Frameworks" the band out of Gainsville, Florida, signed to "Deathwish," is definitely an artist that has been on the rise. Straight out of the UK, he's been a growing favorite across the U.S. His music is worth checking out. You can sample a few of his albums below.

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