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Nicknack Paddywhack Sass

It's time to take off your pants, put on your glasses, and get comfortable with your tablet in your favorite reading chair. You probably just got off of work and you need a little retail therapy. You earned it, and admit it, nobody likes to wear pants.

If you're still at work, take your pants off anyway. It's time to live in the moment, and you hate your job anyway. I say any job that requires you to wear pants probably isn't a job you want to work your whole life anyway. If you want to learn how to live life like I do, without having to wear pants.

Register for an account here. I will teach you the way, but for now, if you're here because you want that hip, sleek, simple, modern-looking industrial feel, in your life and don't know quite how to get it, these little nicknack paddywhacks would make a nice addition to your office or studio, and would be great conversation piece for any "No Pants Party."

Admit it. You love our lists. We didn't really provide much of a commentary on this one because there were so many things that kind of spoke for themselves. Give us some feedback. Leave a comment below.

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