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Oh, Hey! Look! A piece of chocolate! Oh, wait, no. That's just a flash drive, or a piece of doo doo, one. Either that, or it's a good way to make your girlfriend mad when it's that time, heh, you know.

No, that's probably just annoying.

Oh hey! Would you like to look like a pretentious, coffee-drinking, anti-social dork? Nothing says it better than an ambiguously annoying coffee mug. However, since you know this is a statement piece that makes you look like a washed up musician, or kind of a big fish in a little pond, so much so that you have to somehow let people know you have a vague idea of how to read sheet music, this is a must-have for you because it would be almost double the irony to sport something like this, especially if you only use it to drink tap water.

How about a Flux Capacitor Watch?

Well, because why not? Who knows? Maybe one day you'll find yourself in an alternate universe where time and space transcends reality. Then, next thing you know, you wake up in 1985 but then you realize you're actually Bev Jones in Anthony Burgess's "1985." Luckily in this reality, you bought a Flux Capacitor Watch, so that you can go back to the year 1955 before "1985" was written and prevent yourself from a miserable existence either way. Except for the fact that this Flux Capacitor watch does nothing to bend reality. It only tells time, and both works just described are completely fictional. Well, okay then. Let's move on to the next item. Shall we?

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Another Great Find!

For anyone who has ever felt like a doormat, this is for you. Do you live with an annoying roommate who thinks you run a trap house? Do you have strange people entering and leaving your house constantly, eating your food, taking all of your sandwich baggies for the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you take to work every day because someone else who doesn't live with you has eaten all of your other food? Well, this should be really great for you! Yeah!

You're not cool unless you cry yourself to sleep.

Ah, a great addition to the bedroom, where it comforts you to lock your door and listen to "Switched on Bach" while crying.

Did you like my finds?

No, you probably didn't because you probably didn't even click on the beautiful link I shared for you on our Facebook page that has 20 likes. Either that, or you probably get it because you are incredibly sarcastic yourself, or either you think I need psychological help. Either way, whoever you are, you made it this far, so I congratulate you. You made it further than most of my friends or family without sending me a Facebook message of concern.

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