“Implied Lines” Mux Mool’s Official Newly Released Album

Mux Mool’s Newly Released Album “Implied Lines” With 2 New Tracks – Now Available on CD/Cassette

By: Graceless Lacy

Implied Lines Mux Mool New Music Discovery“Implied Lines” – A Warm Reception: It Was Worth the Wait

With almost a 4 year wait since the release of “Planet High-School” in 2012, fans started begging for a new album. On September 26th 2016 Mux Mool responded to demands with the long-awaited and highly anticipated 8-track album “Implied Lines.” Originally available for digital download exclusively through Bandcamp, “Implied Lines” was met with a warm reception, and was well worth the wait.

Never a Dull Moment: A Dynamic Album Rich With Nostalgic Sounds – Snare-Rolling, Bass-Heavy Beats

It wasn’t long before this nostalgic bass-heavy, chilled-out, snare-rolled, beat-driven, instrumental album, was snatched up by relevant Detroit-based label, Young Heavy Souls. Young Heavy Souls was originally a collective of midwest MC’s and producers that evolved into an electronic Hip-Hop label suited for the talents of Mux Mool and notable acts such as, Blockhead among others. On April 18th 2017 Young Heavy Souls announced the re-release of “Implied Lines” premiering a teaser with the single “The IRS” available to stream on Brooklyn Vegan.

Young Heavy Souls Released “Implied Lines” Adding 2 New Tracks with Available CDs/Cassettes

On June 2nd 2017, Young Heavy Souls subsequently released a brand new edition of Mux Mool’s independently released “Implied Lines” including the new single, “The IRS” along with another new bonus track, “Starfighter Courage” also providing an additional option to purchase the album either in a CD or Cassette format, to fulfill a growing demand for physical copies of the album.

Support Your Favorite Artists: Download a Digital Copy from iTunes Now

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Support the artists you like by downloading a digital copy from iTunes now, or pick up a physical copy of a CD or cassette tape to add to your collection so that you can show off your good tastes to your friends. If anything, just do it simply to show your appreciation for an artist who is a nice enough guy to take the time to create music that you can enjoy listening to.

All About Why We Like and Respect Mux Mool

He’s a Cool Dude, Talented Producer, Skillful Artist, and a Nice Guy

We’ve been wanting to do a write-up on Mux Mool for quite a while. We like him for a lot of reasons. We like the fact that he is humble, down-to-earth, multi-talented, and just a really cool dude who makes solid music and art. One of our favorite qualities is his willingness to interact with his fans. On occasion he has been known to do Facebook Live videos where something even as little as acknowledging his dedicated fans, who just can’t quite seem to get enough of his playfully artistic expression and quick wit, can literally make their entire day.

Mux Mool Shows His Appreciation for His Fans

Fan Appreciation Fans

It’s difficult not to like someone who takes the time to interact with those who support them seeing as how many artists of his caliber don’t seem to be willing to even consider taking the time of day to acknowledge those who willfully shell out their hard-earned money just to purchase a mere collector’s item as a token of their appreciation. To some, it’s a big deal for them to be able to have something tangible made by a particular artist whom they may feel intimately speaks to them to some capacity. The fact that he acknowledges and shows his appreciation for those who support him says a lot about his character.

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A Practical Midwesterner with Plenty of Insight and Inspiration

According to his bio he originated from Minneapolis, Minnesota and landed in Colorado. Somewhere in-between he is said to have traveled solo around the country through both sort of urban and rural areas alike. One could easily imagine his travels might be similar to those of the main character from a Kerouac novel, seeking inspiration in an artistically transcendental explorative journey while digging up and “collecting records, loops, and samples” and more from various places along the way. It’s easy to imagine each component of his collection as serving a purpose, to represent various phases of his explorations.

A Cool Dude with His Own 8-Bit Soundtrack Equipped with Undulated Hip-Hop Swagger

8 Bit Soundtrack Atari Swagger

Mux Mool’s Instagram account appears to illustrate a colorful story detailing the ongoing adventures of an individual who is committed to his love of art and creative expression for which his music seems to coincide serving as a living, breathing, humanized 8-bit soundtrack mixed with undertones of authentically undulated hip-hop swagger. Fashioned and displayed in a way almost reminiscent of the type of inventory commonly seen in most RPGs, he presents the components used to create his masterpieces as if they were templates with their own superlative aesthetic value. To a receptive audience he consistently proves that artistic vision can be rendered with unexpected tools, and conveyed in lavishly appealing ways both visibly and audibly.

He’s Not Going to Let Anyone Discourage him From Sharing his Talents

It’s no surprise that music remains an indefinite focal point of a tenured music producer’s life. Even more polished and interconnected with his artistic side than ever before, Mux Mool is as an all-around creative type that appears to be dedicated to the love of his craft. Once again he renews his lease as a one-of-a-kind creator of timeless pieces by altering the sample-rate of simple harmonic motions simultaneously and almost inherently sublimating each new challenge remaining a stranger to any possible ridiculously subjective notion of rejection. Harboring an electrically versatile avant-garde aesthetic while maintaining a comfortably nostalgic feel, he is most definitely a dude with a unique style.

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A Successful Artist and Slightly Fabio-ish Beat Head Who is Popular With the Detroit Labels

Mux Mool is undoubtedly a successful artist by many measures. He has even been featured on Adult Swim. The slightly Fabio-ish “beat head” has also featured with previous releases through the popular Detroit-based label, Ghostly International. His work has been published alongside notable artists such as Com Truise, Gold Panda, Lusine, Phantogram, Shigeto, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Tycho, to name a few.

We’re fans of his new album so we’re going to go ahead and give it the “Thumbs Up” and we’re really picky too. Let us know what you think in the comments. Keep in mind, if you haven’t noticed yet, we typically write about topics that we like, and we include info that is positive and uplifting so just try to have some respect when leaving your feedback and we’ll return the favor.

By: Lacy Babcock

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