Inglewood SiR on the Rise Featuring in iTunes “New Music”

Inglewood “SiR” – Apple iTunes “New Music”

Inglewood SiR Apple iTunes New Music

Inglewood SiR: From our very own state of California, “Inglewood SiR” has been weaving dark R&B beats with a love of music that stems from an early age. Publishing work under the label “Woodworks Records” based out of Inglewood, California, SiR is one of those “behind the scenes” guys who has finally surfaced. According to his Facebook page he has created music for popular artists such as Ginuine, The Pussycat Dolls, and Gmalone to name a few.

Featuring on Wooden Voodoo in 2012, debuting Seven Sundays in 2015, which has now sold out! – He has not disappointed. Throughout the years with his latest EP’s Her in 2016 and Her Too in 2017 he has not been a force to be reckoned with, displaying a tough exterior and a voice that is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Inglewood SiR is a Freak on the Beat

He proves to be a freak on the beat, a poet on the mic, and a philosopher of the soul. Creating melodical, methodical works encompassing sounds that range from the nostalgic to the sentimental, his fluid beats paint a picture of sentient beachy scenes. With love songs for days Top Dawg Entertainment has the videos to boot.

According to his “Facebook Events” we are seeing that he has recently been gigging around Orange County and Los Angeles. We’re waiting to hear back from him to see if we can find out a little bit more about what he has in store. We are excited to see what he has to offer.

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We’re going to give this guy a few “thumbs up.” We can’t believe the talent packed into the wildly creative, and majestically refined dreaded head of his. This is definitely an artist who is on the rise but totally underrated according to our standards.

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