Ja Rule Catches Flack Trailing Fyre Fest Founder Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland, Founder of Fyre Fest Faces 20 Years Drags Ja Rule into a Crap Storm

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Kendall Jenner Fyre FestRemember Fyre Fest? Well, they finally got the guy who organized that whole fiasco. So not only did he promise festival-goers a luxurious life-changing experience endorsed by Kendall Jenner, but he also apparently committed fraud with falsified financial documents. He convinced investors to dump millions of dollars into funding his event essentially by being dishonest.

I think his first mistake was trying to compete with American Express conjuring up the "Black Cardesque," "Magnises" program for millennials. His second mistake was probably just getting a little too cocky. Not to put someone in a box whom I don't really know, but you have to consider that someone who has to falsify financial documents, makes outlandish promises like a drunk at your local pub who thinks you're best friends, and commits fraud does not do so because they are a normal, well adjusted individual.

I have had experiences with these types. There are people out there in the "tech startup" world who even have to go by fake aliases because they are serial fraudsters. They skirt by with the skin of their teeth, cutting corners here and there, being dishonest, looking for the next scheme to fund their coke habit.

Fyre Fest Sounds Like "The Hangover Movie"

Let's consider this *story though. Doesn't it kind of sound like a Seth McFarland Movie? I can just imagine it going something like this. So, this guy is sitting around with a couple of his buddies. They're playing Call of Duty doing rails and are still up from the night before. They're going back and forth bragging about all of the startups they've developed. While on their 6th beer at 10:00a.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, they start going back and forth about how the only thing they haven't done yet is hosted their own festival.

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"Coachella is so lame. I could put on a better festival than that, with some real live music, like Blink 182." Says Billy.

"Yeah, what's up with the music these kids listen to these days?" ad libs Ja Rule.

They continue to talk about all of the girls that would go. Kendall Jenner's name comes up and they create this whole scenario discussing caged gogo dancers with glow in the dark pasties and eyelashes, pyrotechnics, and then they proceed to describe the lineup of bands you'd see at the MTV Music Awards in the early 2000's. They top it off with luxury villas in the Bahamas, gourmet dinners served by Emeril, Rachael Ray, and Gordon Ramsay. Of Course Gordon Ramsay only shows up by coming out of the flames as the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's play "Love Rollercoaster."

Come on, admit it, the Fyre Fest fiasco sounds like it could have been scripted. I wouldn't be surprised if Billy McFarland isn't Seth McFarland's little cousin or nephew. It wouldn't be that far fetched to expect someone to pop out and say this was all just a big publicity stunt.

Flies MatingRemember this scenario is completely hypothetical mind you, but doesn't it seem like a good premise for another "Hangover Movie"? Only, I guess it would be more of an anti-climatic "Hangover Movie" because none of the stuff they allegedly promised actually happened. Instead, if you remember, festival goers were miffed as they arrived to find that their villas were really FIMA tents, and their gourmet dinners consisted of Kraft Cheese slapped on generic white bread, the kind that's $.99 from Wal-Mart. I bet they did end up with at least a "light show" as festival-goers used the flash to snap photos of mementos like a couple of flies mating on top of their cheese sandwich, and a makeshift stage that looked more like a larger version of your little cousin's lemonade stand.

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Fyre Fest Turned out to be More Like "Fraud Fest"

So far McFarland is the only one who is being charged. He faces up to 20 years in Federal Prison for altering financial documents. Ja is supposedly not being charged under the pretences that he was blind-sided and actually believed in Billy. If this is really true, I feel sorry for Ja because both of them are facing at least 12 different lawsuits from angry festival goers who paid over a thousand to go, disgruntled investors who threw away millions, and even the performers were upset. This situation gives a whole new meaning to the song "Put it on Me" by Ja now doesn't it?

*In no way am I making any claims that either party involved in this disaster were under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. Nor am I claiming that the narrative described herein is factual information. It merely serves no functional purpose but to entertain my readers.

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