Super Deluxe’s “Upgraded” Hottest New Series Starring Jeffery and Jamie

“Upgraded” Super Deluxe’s Newest Series has Created a Perfectly Dynamic Duo

Upgraded | Jamie Loftus | Jeffery King | Super Deluxe | Stephanie Ward | Beauty
“Upgraded” | Jamie and Jeffery | From Super Deluxe Youtube Video

Okay, so let’s talk about this new Super Deluxe Video Series, “Upgraded,” with Jeffery and Jamie. First of all, they’re freaking brilliant! Do you know what makes this series so amazing? Well, you can just tell that someone who KNOWS what they’re doing and who functions on a very high cognitive level wrote (Jamie Loftus) and directed these videos (Stephanie Ward) and of course, Jeffery and Jamie are both so totally charming that they completely captivate the audience.

The hateful comments prove that this combined effort goes over a lot of peoples’ heads. Is it Jamie or Jeffery’s fault that some people don’t get their humor? Is it their fault that they’re cute, funny, and charming and people feel threatened by that? No, absolutely not! Do you really think that either one of them deserves to be poked fun at with personal attacks? No! So @#% you Alana!

Jamie and Jeffery | Super Deluxe | Upgraded | Beauty | Beatreaper
Jamie and Jeffery | Upgraded | Super Deluxe Youtube Channel

Well, let’s talk about what they’re doing. So the name of this series is called “Upgraded” and it can be found on the Super Deluxe social media channels. Basically, what it’s about is integrating new, scientifically and technologically advanced beauty methods into your regimen. They are helping to debunk crazy trendy ridiculously-priced celebrity-endorsed beauty practices.

Their debut video detailed the “Microcurrent Butt Lift,” which entails having their booties tingled by a series of electrically charged nodes and then baked with some sort of special butt-lifting light. In this video we see a before and after of Jeffery’s booty which looks magnificent!

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Dahmer | Blood Facial
Dahmer from Flikr

What do Kimmy K and Jeffrey Dahmer Have in Common?

They’ve got more in common than you think! The next video involves getting a “Blood Facial.” All of the cool people are doing it, like Kim Kardashian. Nothing weird about smearing blood all over your face in the name of beauty. We’ve heard of other famous people throughout history smearing blood on their face in the past and not even for beauty reasons, like Gacy, Dahmer, and a few other notables.

So, What’s all of the Hype with Putting Eggs in Your Vijayjay?

The latest video involves trying out “Vaginal Eggs,” which is a Gwyneth Paltrow thing. The results aren’t quite as easy to determine because you can’t see what it does really but we think we’ll take Jamie’s word for this one.

Poor Jeffery got kind of left out of the action on this one for some pretty obvious reasons but as always he was a fantastic moral support for Jamie. That’s what good team members do too. They encourage one another, defend one another, and they provide a shoulder to cry on when times are tough, or when their team-mates are getting trolled.

Jeffery and Jamie


Upgraded | Stephanie Ward | Jamie Loftus | Jeffery King | Super Deluxe | Beauty
“Upgraded” | Super Deluxe Youtube Channel

Jeffery and Jamie are the next Bonnie and Clyde. They’re the next Sophia and Spencer from Impressing Strangers. They’re the next Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels. They’re the next Bill and Ted. They’re the next Wayne and Garth! They are a beautifully dynamic duo. Super Deluxe hit the nail on the head with this series and this is definitely a prime example of some of Stephanie Ward’s most awesome work!

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Stay tuned for more on our friends at Super Deluxe. We’re going to talk about the amazing work of “Allen Cordell.”

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