Jeffery King is the Fastest Rising Star on the Internet | Half Magic

Jeffery King is the Fastest Rising Star on the Internet | Half Magic

Jeffery King | The Fastest Rising Star on the Internet | Super Deluxe | Adult Swim |

The last time we spoke about Jeffery King, and his partner in crime Jamie Loftus, we were only 3 episodes deep into “Upgraded.” In about a month’s worth of time everything has completely changed for Jeffery. We are so impressed with him and the rest of the Super Deluxe Gang. We can hardly stand it. Well, now he has had a cameo in Loosely Exactly Nicole, Disjointed, several other Super Deluxe series, and he has a feature film coming out in February.

He also has some other amazing news that is developing, so you will want to pay attention to what he is doing and stay tuned to hear about that, if you want to be in the know, because this guy is taking the internet by storm, no he’s taking the entertainment industry by storm. He’s rewriting the rules and he’s making the entertainment industry his plaything. He’s gaining authority, momentum, pull, and he’s better at strategizing than this guy is at Dungeons and Dragons.

Nerd | Strategy

If you want to know who the next Elon Musk of the entertainment industry is, it’s Jeffery King. We’re not just saying things to sound cool either. We’ve been doing our research.

Johnny Knoxville and Jeffery King | Half Magic Set |
Johnny Knoxville and Jeffery King | Half Magic Set

So, Jeffery has a role in the new feature film written by Heather Graham, “Half Magic” that’s coming out in theaters on February 23rd 2018. There are pics circulating the internet of Jeffery and Johnny Knoxville holding hands from when he was on the set back in June and just look at that face! That’s the face of someone who knows they’re about to be on top of the game.

That’s why this guy has virtually no worries in the world and he exudes confidence. Jeffery is a boss. He’s a leader. He has an innovative mind-set and most of all, he’s got drive and determination, and that’s what’s going to put him right where he wants to be.

Jeffery could wear a brown paper bag and pull it off. He is a total trend setter and we couldn’t be happier about it.

So, let’s back to the very beginning and look at his role in this new Super Deluxe series, we can get some cues as to what’s going on now if we start there. In  episode 1, you can tell that Jeffery and Jamie were just a little bit apprehensive, yet they were still as excited as anyone could be, after scoring the starring roles in their very own feature on a channel as popular and reputable as Super Deluxe‘s. So let’s consider what happened after the very first episode was published.

The Internet Went Nuts!

Jamie and Jeffery | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Metaphysical Colonic |
Jamie and Jeffery | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Metaphysical Colonic |

The internet went crazy and people were legitimately confused about life after watching that first episode. If you have the power to make people feel some type of way like that, you’re going to get some odd reactions from people because people are not used to that type of thing. That’s what happens when you give a couple of creative types the spotlight to do whatever they want.

Now, it’s no surprise that Jeffery and Jamie were able to find success as they were afforded a prime opportunity to explore the dynamics of this newfound, on-screen chemistry. They were given permission to get real weird and let the magic happen so that’s what they did. Little did they know exactly how people were going to react though. Well, let us kinda reiterate this in case you didn’t understand what we meant the first time we said it. PEOPLE. WENT. NUTS.

Interpreting the Negative Feedback

Jeffery and Jamie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe |
Cosmetic Acupuncture Anti-Aging Treatment – “Comments” |

We have to admit that right off the bat, we were a little bit irritated when we saw some of the hateful things that people were commenting on the Super Deluxe Youtube Channel and FB page.

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Jeffery and Jamie play it really cool though. However, we still feel like they deserve a little bit of positive reinforcement to kind of counteract the negative effects of the bad attitudes of the lame-o’s who are nearly overdosing on “hater-aid.”

They deserve to know what we like about them. Believe it or not, micro-influencers, major-influencers, and in general -celebs deserve a little bit of validation, love and support too.


Sassin’ it Up!

Jamie Loftus Episode 1 Versus Episode 2 | Upgraded | Super Deluxe
Jamie Loftus Episode 1 vs. 2

In episode 2, you can see that they were a little taken back by the responses they were getting. So, they clapped back by beginning to really “sass it up.” Jamie came with her makeup on, and her hair all done up. Well, because screw you Ilana!

She really didn’t have to do all of that though, because she’s a knockout anyway and that’s all those people were really saying by making such jealous remarks.

This wasn’t all bad though, I mean, Jamie did look super cute after she got all dolled up and sometimes you just gotta do it for yourself too.

So, Jeffery and Jamie already had that chemistry factor down but now they had a little fuel to add to the fire to let these people know who they were dealing with after being exposed to all of that brutal, dehumanizing smack-talk from this weirdo entitled audience who couldn’t seem to figure out that these were REAL PEOPLE with REAL PEOPLE FEELNGS and REAL PEOPLE COMEBACKS! HAHA!

This really brought out that lovable sass, and we feel like the writing had a little bit of a bite to it too after that because Jeffery and Jamie both really started clowning on them. It was so completely righteous the way they had each others’ backs that we think we could have cried tears of joy for the sake of that tiny left over percentage of humanity that appears to be capable of feeling empathy for one another.

Restoring the Human Aspect

Jeffery King | Spiritual | Upgraded | Super Deluxe |
Jeffery King | Upgraded | Super Deluxe |

The part that we love so so so much about all of the negative feedback, is reading all of these crazy, rude, jerky, just totally asinine comments. Then, 2 seconds later, we see Jeffery himself pop up out of nowhere and just totally burn the hell out of some of these people who are bad-mouthing him. No one expects the star of the show to actually respond and the beauty of it is when Jeffery says something, it’s always with such couth, hilarity, and well, in a playful way that would indicate that this man is not the weirdo here. When Jeffery gets done with them they sound like they’ve been getting their information from that guy who tried to prove the Earth was flat by building a homemade rocket and well, you guys know what we’re talking about.

What’s really funny though, and he’s probably going to kill us for saying this, is that he’s so good at roasting people that they don’t even realize that they’ve been low-key roasted. Shhhhh. We would advise that you just don’t try to be the star of the show with your 1st grader comments trying to burn Jeffery or Jamie. Just leave the one-liners to the professionals please.

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Actually, no, we change our mind. Please, be our guest. Go ahead and try. We are thoroughly enjoying watching the entire crew at Super Deluxe low-key roast you and your mama when you say something to try to personally attack one of their people. We’ll just tell you what we tell everyone, just because someone is nice doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to be more savage than you.

Well, I guess none of those rude comments kept him from getting hit up by a certain group of people who are like the top dogs of late night comedy, within less than a month from the time that the first episode of “Upgraded” aired either. We’ll tell you more about that next time though and if your interest isn’t piqued, well it should be by now.

Sustaining the Right Chemistry

Sassing it Up!

Jeffery and Jamie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Metaphysical Colonic |
Jeffery and Jamie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Metaphysical Colonic |

There is, in fact, a powerful and identifiable force, that draws people together and magnetizes them to these cool duos out there.

Jeffery and Jamie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Cosmetic Acupuncture Anti-Aging Treatment|
Jeffery and Jamie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Cosmetic Acupuncture Anti-Aging Treatment|

This chemistry can be harnessed when motivation, drive, and self-awareness is combined with a bit of wit, humor, and a solid understanding of the human condition, and that’s how you end up with fresh material that provokes people to vocalize their opinions because they all want to be a part of it too.

Jeffery and Jamie are so good together. Once again, we have to acknowledge that they have undeniable chemistry. That means that they could probably create the manuscript for each episode and it would be perfect, but they could probably throw it out the window and just wing it the whole time and be hilarious too.

Creative Counter Culture Dynamics Explained

Killin’ It

Jeffery and Jamie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Vitamin IV |
Jeffery and Jamie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Vitamin IV |

When people can see that you’re having fun, the dynamics are good, and conditions are right magical things start to happen. You can tell that they really thoroughly enjoy what they’re doing because it seems effortless and natural. The directors, producers, video editors, and staff put their finishing touch on it, and you’ve got this wildly entertaining, hilariously awkward yet incredibly charming moving work of art.


Listen Celebrities | Jefferey King | Upgraded | Super Deluxe |
“Listen Celebrities” | Jefferey King | Upgraded | Super Deluxe |

Jeffery King is completely 100% without a doubt, totally deserving of any exciting, new opportunities that are being afforded to him right now. So put down the “hater-aid” and start showing a little respect for this man’s hustle. You don’t know his life and you’re just going to continue to make yourself look stupid by making jealous hateful remarks, so just stop yourselves now before you dig yourselves a hole you can’t get out of.

An Extraordinary Individual

Loosely Exactly Nicole | S2 E3: Dead Mom Chicken Day | Jeffery King | Cameo |
Loosely Exactly Nicole | S2 E3: “Dead Mom Chicken Day” | Jeffery King |

Let’s look at the facts though. Did you know that Jeffery literally tries to respond to everyone? He shows love to everyone who shows him love! He doesn’t have to do that, but he does.

He makes an extra special effort to make people feel appreciated and that just shouldn’t go unnoticed. If any one person actually deserved to have the world handed to them on a silver platter, it’s Jeffery, because he’s not afraid to put in work and he’s not afraid to show his appreciation for what the universe has afforded him. That right there says enough about someone’s character. So, get a clue people.

Jeffery King | Disjointed | Netflix |
Jeffery King | Disjointed | Netflix |

Also, look, ladies and gentlemen, “Listennnnnn!” There are several reasons why Jeffery is finding so much success and is moving up so rapidly. First of all, Jeffery is versatile. He’s disciplined and he is talented. Jeffery has been hustling hard and scoring cameos left and right because people are finally beginning to see him. He is becoming almost omnipresent.

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He’s such an incredibly hard-worker and now he’s showing up everywhere! Pretty soon we’ll have a coloring book that’s a “Where’s Waldo” type theme and we’ll just have a bunch of pages that are illustrated still shots from all of his cameos and you get the idea.

Essentially, Jeffery possesses all of the qualities of a self-made individual and it just feels good to see someone who we recognize is working so hard, taking every opportunity he can get, planting his seeds still while taking the reins and commanding his future.

Most of all, Jeffery continues to have these doors of opportunity open to him because he is actually pretty humble and he gives credit where credit is due. That’s a fatal mistake a lot of people make when they don’t consider where their success is coming from. You have to give thanks and show your appreciation for what you have or you’re going to have everything taken away from you. Jeffery understands this. Hence, all of these crazy opportunities that have been coming his way, and don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.


Jeffery King | LSD | Live Super Deluxe | LSD Court Cases | Defendant
Jeffery King | LSD Court | Live Super Deluxe |

The Future

We predicted that Jeffery would make rapid progress and our predictions have been on point so far. The next step is for Jeffery to score a major role in a feature film. He already has a part in this new movie “Half Magic” and we know he is favored by some of the comedic greats. This needs to happen NOW though, while he is on fire, but for now, many thank yous!



Many Thank Yous!

Thank you so much Super Deluxe, for giving this Man a chance. He nailed it! Jamie is one cool cat too and her future is looking pretty bright as well. Stephanie Ward is a freaking genius, and we also have to thank Allen Cordell because he produced a really awesome Beach House video years ago and that’s when we started following him.

Jamie Jeffery Stephanie | Upgraded | Super Deluxe | Facebook
Jamie Loftus, Jeffery King, Stephanie Ward | Upgraded | Super Deluxe |

If it weren’t for both Allen and Stephanie being solid advocates for Super Deluxe by re-sharing their videos, it might have taken us a little longer to catch on and find this fascinatingly beautiful man.

That’s kind of what we do. We are magnets for awesome people. So you guys better start listening up. We’re giving you all some clues. So, if you’ve got the power to do something to help. Do it.

If you’re looking for real, raw talent in this oversaturated sea of people who are all trying to do the same things and you can’t differentiate between the genuine and the jokes, well, you can always rely on us to tell you what to look for. We don’t mind helping you out. You just gotta LISTENNNNN!

Jeffery King is the Fastest Growing Star on the Internet

For once, the people have spoken, and someone actually listened. If you want to know what we mean by that, you need to subscribe because we got the insider info because we cool like that.

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