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Jeffery King, Super Deluxe to Superstar!

The Self-Made Lyrical Prodigy Breaks the Internet Stealing the Spotlight Again!

Jeffery King Super Deluxe | Artist | Music | New Music
Youtube: Jeffery King Super Deluxe “Time’s Up Interview”

When we see Jeffery King steal the spotlight time and time again whether he’s snagging a cameo in one of our favorite shows or if he’s busy introducing the hottest and most bizarre celeb trends, each appearance is a small victory for all of his loving fans and accomplices. Each of these small victories is leading to something very big and exciting.


Your Fearless Leader: Creating a Sense of Community

Jeffery recognizes your loving support as being a significant contribution and motivational factor for his success and has worked hard to maintain such a strong sense of community as he is constantly reminded that the love and respect is very much a mutual thing among his dedicated fans.

Luckily, we were able to catch Jeffery in between gigs and we put together a little something to allow everyone to participate for an opportunity to share this feature with him.

Considering the importance of your contributions as so many of you have shown your loving support in joining him on this cosmic journey to stardom, we only thought it was appropriate to include you in this feature too!

Before we dive in, and reveal what victories the fruits of his labors have brought us this time, we are going to take a look at the feedback we got from our exclusive “fan-based” interview.

That’s right! We allowed you, the fans, to ask him anything you wanted. Then, we picked the questions that we felt were the coolest.

The Fan-Based Interview

This is what you came up with:

Louna Kate Fitzsimons: “How has your life changed since you became more ‘well-known’ ?”

Jeffery: “I would say I’m noticed out in public more. It used to really freak me out but I’ve learned to adjust”

Michelle“What’s the news on jefferyjoints?”

Jeffery: So far I’m working with a few cannabis companies, testing out strains, and other new cannabis products, I want people to get lit af.”

JJ Marie Martin: “What’s your favorite mental health habit or practice that you’re most proud of utilizing when times get hard?”

Jeffery King Artist | Music | New Music
Youtube: Jeffery King “Time’s Up Interview”

Jeffery: “I like to use my sound bowl, learn a meditative practice that speaks to you and find a what to incorporate sound into your ascension.”

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Kelsi-Rae LineberryFirst off Iove you. What drives you to pursue your dreams. Also how do I get your booty?”

Jeffery: “Omg love you too Kelsi-Rae!
I wake up everyday trying to live my best life, doing things that fulfill me and things that fulfill and inspire others to do the same. And go grab a resistance band! They work wonders and are perfect for squats.”

Audrey Kyrstin: “What is your favorite creative process? What do you love doing while you’re creating?”

Jeffery: “Smokin a big fuckin blunt. Creating comes easiest to me when I’ve had a nice relaxing day and can feel inspired to just do whatever I want. Be it using my voice or creating a cool video.”

Kyle Kirschner: “What are you like when you arr not infront of a camera. Who is the RAW jeffery?”

Jeffery: “Haha I would have to say I’m actually really shy! I get into playful moods and like to be sassy with my friends.
But the raw me likes good cinema, vegan food, and hot boys!”

Cheyenne Miller: “Have your dreams and aspirations changed or have you stayed on the same path for your ‘end goal’/’dream life’ since you are gaining more of an audience to your work?”

Jeffery: “I would say for awhile there I was starting to get really frazzled.
Being in the public eye you tend to just get involved with politics eventually.
I had to learn my own voice in this world and after hearing the trumpets I knew to keep going on my path in faith. We lost so many of the Glam rock artists in the past few years I’m excited to continue my artist ventures into music. I always said I wanted to be a rockstar and I think being a queer artist will inspire a lot of people. ”

Zak McTearnen: “How do u stay so positive and not care about what other people think? I drive myself crazy by doing this.”

Jeffery: You gotta just go with faith and Grace! I speak with God often about my life’s choices and he tells me whatever helps me love myself and spread love into others. It takes practice to get perfect and being yourself but at any moment you can take your first step!”

Brian K McQuain: “You make fantastic content! where do you get your inspiration from?”

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Jeffery: “From space! I love anything celestial and glamorous. Metallics and neon colors remind me of cosmic stardust”

Isis Usborne:
“Best booty care tips 💕🔥🍑
Jeffery: Vegan food, squats, and self love ✨.”

Thank you so very much, everyone who participated. You all are amazing!


Jeffery King Artist | Music | New Music
Youtube: Jeffery King “Time’s Up Interview”

Not Your Average Joe

With the confidence of a tiger, Jeffery King is far from your average Joe. He is not afraid to color a bit outside the lines. Most importantly, his innate ability to see the beauty in everything around him sets him on par as a thought leader and philosopher of our time. When it seems so difficult to overcome the difficulties and pressures presented by social media and every-day life someone like Jeffery is a breath of fresh air.

What’s the secret to his success? Jeffery King is incredibly gracious, kind, loving, and compassionate to all walks of life. He is thoughtful, considerate, and shows so much love and appreciation for literally everyone around him. He is versatile, prides himself on doing his very best to understand and find common ground with the people he surrounds himself with, and this is part of what makes him such a lovable human being.

His authenticity is a huge factor driving his ability to take on so many roles. He wears multiple hats and he does it proudly because he knows that he is setting an example for others. He inspires and provokes others to find the same self-love and understanding.

Jeffery the Artist

Okay, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for. Our fearless leader has been hard at work just preparing to introduce to you a whole new side that is a bit sassy yet refined, classy yet a bit flashy. You are in for a real treat! Meet Jeffery King, the artist, with his hit single, “Time’s Up“. You can grab a copy of  his new single from iTunes with the link below!

With the help of co- producer, Tony Smut, who likes aliens and music, Jeffery King delivers this jaw-dropping moment that serves as a stark prophecy of things to come.

Check out the official music video premiering now!


What is Jeffery Doing Now?

Jeffery Joints

Jeffery is hard at work, always. Aside from his stunning and accomplished career as an actor, model, writer, comedian, and spiritual guide for so many he is setting himself up for a bright and successful future as an entrepreneur and artist. Check out Jefferey’s online merch at Flash Forward! Stay tuned for the latest on Jeffery’s very own line of weed-stuffs from “Jeffery Joints”!

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Flash Forward | "I'm Fucking Woke"
Forward Merch Store | “I’m Fucking Woke”

Here is another chance to join the fun with a video contest! Free merch giveaways for winners!


Guess what? We’re going to give you another chance to be a part of the cosmic bliss in Jeffery’s star-studded universe! This time, we’re giving you an opportunity to snag some FREE gear from Jeffery’s very own collection of “Flash Forward” merch! All you have to do is capture a video of only your teeth while you sing any of the lyrics from his new hit single “Times Up”. Post the video to TikTok or Instagram along with the hashtag #timesupchallenge. By  January 1st two lucky winners will be announced and will be given the opportunity to choose a prize from his Online Store.

*Bonus Material* Jeffery’s got some super juicy gossip on Janine Hogan from Super Deluxe!

So what’s up with the rest of the Super Deluxe Gang? Well, we heard that Janine Hogan is doing pretty awesome too! She’s working on some new original music and will be releasing some brand new music videos to accompany those upcoming releases. She also wrote, produced, and starred in a “dark comedy” short film called “Chaparral” based on her real life story. She hired an all female crew to help and it will be premiering at the Los Feliz. Additionally, you can catch her in an episode of ABC’s “To Tell the Truth”. We heard that Miss Janine has some pretty wild stuff planned for her tour around the country this year. If you would like to catch up with her, you can find info about her tour dates and upcoming features on Instagram.

Jeffery King is our pure mother-flipping ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Don’t hesitate to show your support.

Click any of the black and white photos for a special “Easter Egg”.





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