La Chat is Not a Force you want to Mess With | Cardi B Learned the Hard Way

La Chat Dropped the Bomb on Cardi B, and Now the Smoke has Cleared

Well, since the social justice warriors and self-proclaimed rap professionals have finished their witch hunt for La Chat and things have died down a little bit after her Cardi-B Diss Track dropped, let’s talk about some things.

If you haven’t heard the word, basically, Cardi-B “remixed” La Chat’s “Chickenhead” song that she didn’t get a dime for. If you have ANY sense, and if you know ANYTHING about the Memphis Hip-Hop scene you know that it was about more than what most of these youngsters understood. La Chat did what she had every right to do and could have done without the harassment and disrespect.

Her attitude was chill about the backlash. She handled it like a champ because that’s just the kind of person she is, but it was rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate, and a slap in the face for Cardi-B to jack with a song she didn’t get paid for whether she realized she was doing something wrong or not, anyone with any sense should have figured that would ruffle some feathers and La Chat did what she rightly should have done, and that was to clap back utilizing the “Who Run It Challenge” to drop the bomb on this rap-game rookie.

“Have you ever actually listened to rap music?”

First of all, for everyone saying things like, “She did it for clout” “She’s just being jealous” “She’s setting a bad example for young women by dissing Cardi B” “She should be encouraging other women and lifting other women up in the industry, not hating” look here, have you ever actually listened to rap music?

It’s Totally Normal for Rappers to “Beef” in the Industry

It’s kind of stereotypical for rappers to beef, and especially in the rap industry diss tracks are encouraged among the women in the rap industry, which isn’t to say that she made a diss track because she was advised to for the sake of boosting her image. If you check out some of her most recent interviews, she talks about how the industry even tried to peg La Chat and Gangsta Boo against each other but they just weren’t into it.

If you listen to the types of things she says, she’s is a solid chick. She knows how cut throat the corporate rap game is and she’s just not into it. She’s real family oriented and she knows what’s important to her. We don’t blame her or hate her for this. Can you blame her? She’s way too chill to succumb to the pressures of corporate hip-hop life. However, we do see the justification for her recent diss track. As we stated, it was a slap in the face for Cardi B to desecrate her song in the manner she did especially considering the circumstances. It was a total slap in the face and I’d be disappointed if she didn’t clap back. I would too.

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Corporate Versus Street

La Chat Vs Cardi B Instagram | lachat_ig | Memphis | Three-6-Mafia | Who Run It Challenge
La Chat Vs Cardi B on Instagram | @lachat_ig | Memphis | Three-6-Mafia | Who Run It Challenge

Now, back to the whole thing where so many people took to Instagram last week to reprimand La Chat for “not being a shining example to young women all over the world,” really? Have you ever heard the things that come out of Cardi B’s mouth? So listen now. I don’t have any problems with Cardi B. I don’t even know who Cardi B is really. I couldn’t name a single Cardi B song. I just know that I read about how she was working with Juicy J. Great. Cool. Whatever. Who cares?

I happened to catch a little video from “The Talko” a bout her in passing. I know that she was allegedly in a gang and is another one of those rags to riches stories. She made money stripping. Then, she took her savings and paid someone to make her a rapper.

Okay, La Chat and Cardi B have two completely different stories. La Chat didn’t pay someone to launch her career. La Chat just does what she loves, what she is passionate about.

“Yean Know” La Chat is a Legendary Southern Female Rapper

If you didn’t know La Chat before her diss track, you’re probably too young to know what a talented female rapper, with heart, is. What you’re looking at here is a comparison between corporate and street. If you grew up or lived around Memphis for any period of time, you’ve heard the phrase “Yean Know.” It basically means, “Ya heard?” or better yet, “You don’t know.” La Chat helped to coin that phrase that has been used for generations throughout the “underground” hip-hop scene in Memphis, TN.

La Chat is oozing with “street-cred” and that’s why when she makes a diss track you hear that rawness and realness in her voice. Her words resonate. Does anyone even know if Cardi B can write? I don’t know, because I don’t know her and I don’t really care to get to know her because all I had to hear was the first few lines in her latest track, whatever that’s called, and I know I’m just completely turned off.

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So, let’s look at the deeper meaning here. La Chat was discovered by Juicy J way back in the day when she was still doing talent shows. He CALLED HER up. La Chat was running with Three-6 before they were even Three-6 and she was there throughout the best era of their music when they were barely emerging with records like “Mystic Stylez” and songs like “Chicken Head” back in the early to mid 90’s.

La Chat didn’t see a Dime from Three-6

Some of ya’ll weren’t even born yet in the early to mid 90’s so you don’t know. La Chat got completely and utterly screwed over and doesn’t even really talk to Juicy J anymore. She didn’t see a single dime from anything she did with Three-6 either. She still doesn’t bad mouth any of the Three-6 crew though. Considering the facts, she still has a positive outlook.


In an interview from she talks about how she is happy to have had the opportunity to work with the people she has because it gave her the industry connects she needed to fit comfortably where she is in the industry with her own label, her 9 dogs, 1 cat, and she gets hit up by big names in the industry quite often to feature.

Has been a Spokeswoman “for the People” Conveying the Woes of Street Life

La Chat is quite literally a pretty “cool cat.” She started off writing poetry in the 3rd grade. By that time she realized that she was a natural. She talks about some pretty altruistic things in this interview. She goes on to point out that there are a lot of people in the industry who rap about money and material things a majority of the time, but she just raps about “street life” and she is happy doing that because she feels that the streets need someone to represent them.

If you look at it from the aspect of a socially justified view, La Chat is, in fact, bringing awareness to life in the inner city and on the streets in some of the rougher spots in places like Memphis, TN and that’s something to consider.

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Pioneering the Rap Game for Women Before Baby B was Born

She’s got a definite style. She’s a legend. She was coming up before Cardi B was even born! The 90’s were rougher times for female rappers. However, it seems like there was a lot of respect for the fact that La Chat had that “street cred.” If you understand southern culture, southern people generally are not a materialistic people. They’re a bit more compassionate and caring.


The end Game is about Respect for the Legends who Blazed the way for You

We know that La Chat had to feel some type of way considering she was the OG. It’s a free country. We’ve got freedom of speech. La Chat is totally entitled to sublimate her feelings of frustration for feeling the need to defend her territory and it’s due time she clap back a little considering the fact that she did kinda get gypt and then she’s not getting even so much as a shout out when the new kid is coming in using her sound bytes. It’s about protocol. It’s about respect in the rap game. When you gotta suck it up and do the best you can with what you got left with because you’re not willing to step on some “chicken heads” or allow yourself to be exploited to get where you want to be, respect means the world.

All La Chat every really wanted to do was write poetry and she’s damn good at it! She’s got a very colorful artsy vibe. We dig that. So lay off, and know your legends before you go on a witch hunt for actual, real, people who don’t have some huge corporate entity managing their social media. We feel that she is every bit as successful as anyone else because she is content doing what she loves and she didn’t allow any bigwigs to totally exploit her or compromise her contentment to be able to live comfortably with everything that she wants and needs.



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