Long Beach Music Collective Hosts “Resist & Shout” Showcasing Local Talent

Long Beach Music Collective Hosts a Once in a Lifetime Show: "Resist and Shout" Uniting Long Beach, CA Local Talent

The Long Beach Music Collective is a seasonal collaboration of a group of artists here in Long Beach, California. They have a decent-sized network here in the Long Beach music scene and are known for promoting and showcasing an exclusive group of local talent. They are also known for hosting seasonal shows and events showcasing their talent.

Inspired by recent events leading to political turmoil with a hostile political environment, Long Beach artists are gathering to speak out against injustice in hopes of sublimating the negativity that seems to be sweeping the Nation. This is night 2 of a 2 part show celebrating "LBMC’s newest mix, Resist & Shout, an album focused on resistance, response, and rebellion."

Long Beach Music collectiveTheir upcoming release show "Resist and Shout" will be held at the Pacific Playhouse on Saturday June, 17th from 6pm-11pm. Admission is free and they will be showcasing Live Performances from the following acts:

They will begin with "Poetry of Resistance" from selected individuals. They will then proceed with the above musical acts. A $5-$10 donation is encouraged but they would also be happy if you would support the artists by simply purchasing a CD or other merch for around the same price.

Helping to get the word out about local talent here in Long Beach, the Long Beach Music Collective is proud to be a leader for local artists, encouraging everyone to come together to show their support for one another and the arts in a constructive way amidst the currently hostile and tumultuous political environment. Come show your support and make history with an amazing group of people who are both starkly aware and willing to do something creative and praiseworthy to provoke positive change as a proactive way to be involved in their community.

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