Melvins Release “A Walk With Love and Death” First Dual Album

Melvins are releasing "A Walk With Love and Death" on July 7th 2017

Melvins | "A walk with Love and Death" | Beatreaper.comMy very first show ever was the Melvins, and Tomahawk in Memphis, TN circa 2003. I wasn't allowed to go to shows until I was 18. One of my favorite people in the world, Shane McMullen took me to this show. It was so much fun! The Melvins have been gigging all over the place for so long.

Ipecac Recordings is basically Mike Patton's record label. Mike Patton is in Tomahawk but you would probably know him from Faith No More, but if you really know your music you probably also know him from the Fantomas and Lovage. Mike Patton is a mad man with a unique range and we love him.

The Melvins are pretty old school. They are best known for their frontman Buzz Osborne with the crazy awesome, unmistakable hair. So basically this album was the score for a film, the name of the film they self-produced, and their new album. It was a star-studded 3-in-one project. This album is significant because it is their first-ever double-album.

So I was a little confused about this album myself at first but here is the skinny. "Death" is apparently the normal "Melvins" style release and "Love" is the score for the movie. The movie itself is named "A Walk With Love and Death." Also, both albums combined make up "A Walk With Love and Death."

It seems pretty deep and dark. Here's the trailer for it so you can see yourself.

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