Monet Revue: Chelsea Monet’s Big Birthday Bash

Monet Revue | Presented by Lovebox Studios | Chelse Monet's Birthday


The Monet Revue | Chelsea Monet's Big Birthday BashMonet Revue: This upcoming Saturday the 24th Chealsea Monet is celebrating her birthday by putting on a huge show in Los Angeles, CA. She's having a super groovy 60's and 70's themed party with special guests.

The show starts at 7:00pm. Regular admission is $10. See additional details below on how to score a discount to this cool event! Musical acts are listed below:


Miss Monet is an Impressive Lady

A while back we did a super rad review on Earth Arrow because we were so freaking impressed by their energy. Due to some unforseen circumstances, the review was totally lost in the interwebs forever and ever per some technical errors with our website in its beginning stages. We are still looking for that review in the archives to republish so we can share with you our take on such an awesome group of talented people, Chealsea Monet herself, being one of those people.

Monet Revue 60's 70'sChelsea has continued to impress us daily. She's also a female producer, rapper, and performer. Originally from Michigan, and transplanted out here to Los Angeles, California she has NOT SKIPPED A BEAT! No pun intended! No, seriously though. She is an awesome human being. She teaches what she dubs "Self Help Raps" and is all about positivity and altruism. I see her. She is always trying to help people out.

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Chelsea gets it. That's what we love about her. She understands what really matters. She's got a little bit of that midwestern practicality that I talk about with the swiftly adopted LA swagger. It's like the perfect combo if you ask me, but it's true you guys. Chelsea seems like a very caring individual, like a fighter for the underdogs, a fighter for justice, and that's kinda our schtick here.

Chelsea is Getting Featured!

It's no wonder she's appearing on shows such as Kyle Guy's Show "Homie Time" released on the WAV app, which can be seen here. She's freakin' talented, got a voice smooth as a baby's booty and positive energy that shoots through the roof! I can feel it all the way over here in Long Beach!


Show Details

Taken directly from her status update about this upcoming show on Facebook, here are the deets:

"June 24th 2017
Loveboxstudios PRESENTS : THE MONET REVUE !!!
Presale tickets for $7 Avaliable until 6/23 4:20 pm !! Meet up with one one the artist on the lineup to grab your tickers, email , or log onto PayPal to RSVP today !!!
In #BoyleHeights at La Conxa 7pm $10 at the door 18+ (under 18 requires adult supervision) Raffle at door!

Win free exclusive music from Chelsea Monet !!! 60s & 70s theme party !! $2 off if door person likes yo outfit! AAAAHHHHHHH #TheMonetRevue is coming to town!!


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Download the WAV app to check out new featured hiphop/electronic artists and give Chelsea's music a listen below.

Be sure to check out Chelsea's music on Soundcloud above and if you're looking for some new gear to take to the show check out the adverts below.

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