Mr. Anthony Davis a Social Media Comedian on the Rise (Part 2)

Mr. Anthony Davis: A Social Media Comedian on the Rise (Part 2)

Mr. Ant Davis | New Talent | Comedy | Beatreaper.comMr. Anthony Davis:We previously introduced you to one of our favorite social media comedians. We like this guy so much that we decided to write about him twice! Well, in the first article we referenced a phone interview to explain a little bit about where he gets some of his inspiration from.

We took note of his stellar ratings and significant increase in followers and fans over just the past few months or so. We even pointed out some of the things that we felt made him refreshingly unique. We discussed how he manages to keep his content pretty PG without excessive cursing and graphic content.

In summation, we undoubtedly recognize Mr. Ant Davis as being an amazing person at heart, doing things for all of the right reasons. He doesn't do what he does for the love of money. In fact, he even pointed out in his phone interview, that if you do what you love without worrying about the money, it's inevitable, the money will eventually come. Mr. Ant Davis is consistent, across the board. His motivation for making all of these hilariously entertaining videos is to entertain and make people laugh to brighten their days.

So Mr. Anthony Davis was nice enough to answer a few questions for us. We want to share the answers with you. Even in his interview, he's funny. Here is what he said:

What do your parents think about what you're doing?

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A: "They actually LOVE IT! My mom is my biggest fan. She calls me almost everyday giving me her favorite part. My Dad is the one always trying to give me video ideas but I have to shut my Dad down because they're little corny."

Do your friends act surprised that you made a name for yourself with your viral videos?

A: "Not really! I grew up with a lot of them. So they I knew I've been a fool for years. Came out the womb a fool. Do people treat you any differently since your sort of rising to fame? A: Not the people close to me. They just encourage me to stay the course and they're very proud of me."

Do people recognize you out and about?

A: "All the time! Sometimes it weird to me because I don't know how to respond but I'm glad I could make people smile and laugh. That's what I'm here for...We deal with so much on a day to day basis. I want to bring to joy where there might be pain."

Do you have any funny stories about fans doing or saying weird things to you?

A:" YES! I have a lot of them but my weirdest one. I was out shopping with my family. I kept seeing somebody looking through the clothing rack. So I felt weird and started walking away. She jumped out of the clothing rack and said 'I knew it was you!' I almost screamed like a little school girl. I told her 'You may need to warn me next time before you jump out like a jack n box!'"

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Keep your eye on this dapper fellow. He's got a heart of gold and the sense of humor to boot! One day, we're even going to ask him to make a cameo appearance in one of our music videos along with Spencer and Sophia, and the rest of our favorite social media comedians. Just you wait and see. If one of the major networks doesn't claim our friends we're going to put them on.

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