How Producers Are Staying Connected | Mux Mool is the Homie Everyone Wants

A Changing Landscape for Electronic Music Producers

Skulltaste Art | Mux Mool | Brian Lindgren | Multi-Talented Commissioned Artist |
“Skulltaste Disk Jockey” | Mux Mool | Brian Lindgren | Multi-Talented Commissioned Artist

As the landscape changes for the original “beat head” generation, the O.G. producers are finding creative ways to maintain so that they can continue to do what they love and cater to the demands of their loyal fans. We are really loving the fact that thanks to advancements in technology and the way our social environments are being constructed now, we can actually get closer to the people who we feel like speak directly to us through their music and other creative works.

True fans will appreciate each of the alter egos the pioneers of distinct styles of stand-alone electronic music have proven to possess as these characters serve as a proxy for varying forms of self-expression. In order to really hold on to the magic that makes passionate producer-types of this generation so appealing, they’ve have to learn to adapt and shift their focus in ways that allows them to sport their inner sort of renaissance personas.

Mux Mool’s Got Talent

"Demon Skull" | Mux Mool | Brian Lindgren | Commissioned Artwork
“Demon Skull” | Mux Mool | Brian Lindgren | Commissioned Artwork

Let’s talk about one of our favorite artists. Brian Lindgren is one of our most favorite multi-talented artists. Better known as “Mux Mool,” Lindgren is a Minnesota native who found his heart in Colorado.

Brian has been in the game for quite some time and as an accomplished crate-master who has toured with fellow accomplices under “Ghostly International,” he has also earned his spot in rotation on Adult Swim’s  evolving soundtrack.

After a much-needed break, he came back with the fire with his latest release “Implied Lines” around June of 2017. On a roll, he also featured on the award-winning video game soundtrack for the epic release of the infamous “Nidhogg II“.

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For those who have taken the time to try to get to know him you’ll see that there is a lot more to him than just catchy instrumental 8-bit ballads that seem to do the job even a-la-carte.

Hidden Talents to Fit Any Skull

"Lazer Skull" | Mux Mool | Brian Lindgren | Commissioned Artist
“Lazer Skull” | Mux Mool | Brian Lindgren | Commissioned Artist

Brian has a solid fanbase that is there for the artwork. He’s a master of groovy hand-drawn lettering styles, and appears to really have a knack for satisfying all different tastes of the human skull with dark yet quirky variations that seem to reflect a bit of that cosmic 80’s babies cartoons gone awry with the decay of time vibe.

His artwork perfectly compliments his music and he maintains an image that can be likened unto that of one of your homies who you get together with to collaborate on all things creative just to have a good time. In other words, Brian is a good time. To collect one of his masterpieces is to have a little bit of “Mux Mool” to brighten any drab space and can easily be a permanent representation of a sort of #friendgoals in your home because Brian is basically #friendgoals and who doesn’t want to support the homie?

Listen to Mux Mool’s music on iTunes.


As one of those artists who is seeking other ways to stay relevant and stay connected, Mux Mool has made this lovely store for you, check it out.

Cop some of Mux Mool’s rare artwork from his website.

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