A News Source for Practical Technology: The Missing Puzzle Piece

The Missing Puzzle Piece: A News Source Centered on Practical Uses for Modern Technologies

Through the eyes of a female audio engineer: Lacy Babcock is pleased to announce the evolution of Beatreaper.com as a legitimate news source with approved publications that highlight practical uses of modern technologies in the form of reviews, tutorials, trending news, useful links to external publications on tech news and more.

Niche Topics:

Reports will primarily focus on niche topics such as mobile applications, gadgets, gear, automation, IoT, Arduino projects, and tech startups with additional insights from industry leaders.

Inspirational news stories on both established talent and up-and-comers in the music and entertainment industry including music producers, artists, labels, and publishers will be highlighted as niche content.

Niche content will be used to illustrate relatable examples of practical uses for modern technologies. This component provides the missing puzzle piece necessary to engage readers by increasing their comfort levels with a better understanding of how these modern technologies can be used to simplify daily tasks.

“Inspiring People” Diversity Ad Campaign

News Source Diversity Ad Campaign

Inspirational stories that fall under existing niche content categories will be used to highlight the talents of influencers in various industries throughout the world to serve as a primer for the launch of a massive ad campaign. Highlighting the talents of these successful individuals will humanize their contributions to their relevant industries providing evidence to support the idea that people of all walks of life have something valuable to offer our society.

As advocates of cultural diversity, learning tolerance and acceptance of individuals with differing ethnic, political, and socioeconomic backgrounds will lead to the development of healthier more dynamic multicultural support systems.

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A News Source Focused on Improving Your Outlook by Providing New Opportunities

News Source Networking Opportunities

Grow Our Networks:

Miss Babcock has a lot to offer right now and she’s only going to grow with her networks. There are currently a few different ways to take advantage of the tools and resources provided with this new and improved news source:

  • Readers who join available mailing lists based on niche content will gain access to exclusive industry trends, marketing tips, and opportunities to participate in a periodic Q & A’s with industry leaders as well as exclusive brainstorming events through “Google Hangout” invites.
  • Joining designated 3rd party discussion groups based on niche content will give readers additional, more loosely structured opportunities to build their networks, provide feedback, and allow them to engage in general discussions to inspire new creative and innovative ideas.
  • Readers who follow “Graceless Lacy’s” Facebook Page will be allowed to request tutorials on demand with an option to be mentioned for inspiring the videos that correspond to their requests.

(As an added bonus for those who join her networks, Miss Babcock will include press-releases with relevant job-listings, upcoming events, networking opportunities, and career opportunities that cater to her target audience, as a way to reward her loyal readers.)


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