Nidhogg II: Updated Graphics, New Weapons, and a Solid Soundtrack

Nidhogg II Was Just Released and Here’s What You Need to Know About It

Nidhogg II | Nidhogg 2 | Soundtrack | Mux Mool | Deadelus | DoseoneThe sequel to Nidhogg was just released on August, 15th 2017. Notable changes include updated graphics, a few new weapons were introduced, and overall it looks like it’s being welcomed with a warm reception. Nidhogg II appears to be doing quite well with critics especially considering that the predecessors of these types of games that seem to captivate audiences pretty quickly, struggle to measure up to the expectations of their most dedicated fans.

It’s expected that you’ll hear a little groaning coming from a few hardcore fans as we are creatures of habit and any time there are changes to something that people already think is perfect, as is, the gaming community is going to let you know about it.

Gamespot pulled together a nice little roundup, on what critics are saying about this follow-up to what became a sort of a cult classic. The overall consensus of Nidhogg II seems to be that some people love the new graphics, while some have had difficulty warming up to them and prefer the more simplistic style as seen in the original release.

From what we’ve seen from Gamespot’s roundup, according to reviewers at some of the more popular gaming blog spots, it seems to be a little slim as far as what it has to offer for gameplay in single-player mode, but it appears to be an excellent 2-player game.

A Chill Game with a Solid Soundtrack

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According to Gameinformer, the new weapons make gameplay more “dynamic and intense.” If you ask us, we personally feel like the soundtrack is what really makes this game! Notable contributors to the soundtrack of this game include: Mux Mool, Daedelus, and Dose One.

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We have been looking for the soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon but it looks like it comes with the purchase of the game, which is available here for Mac/PC and PS4. We also found the full soundtrack and listing available on Steam for $7.99 if some of you guys are just here for the standalone soundtrack. I mean, we get it. The game is cool too, but seriously dat lineup doe.

Why is the Soundtrack so Remarkable?

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So, in case you didn’t know, Mux Mool and Daedelus are both known names among the major “beat head” community. The story goes, Mux is originally a Midwesterner who currently dominates the Denver, Colorado scene and has even been featured on Adult Swim, while Daedelus has been a major fixture at Low End Theory at the Airliner in Los Angeles, California for the past 5 or more years now. Doseone founded the label Anticon and was even in cLOUDDEAD.

I’m not sure how they managed to pull this off but I’m glad they did. These guys are all really cool.

Our conclusion here is basically, go ahead and try the game for yourself and make sure to download the soundtrack because that’s a major component and you can even watch the trailer here.

Not too long ago Mux Mool released a new album. You can check the details of that out here and preview it below.

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