Pluto’s Moon: Charon Might Have Harbored a Massive Ocean

New Discoveries from NASA: Pluto and Jupiter

pluto photo
Photo by Kevin M. Gill


An eventful month for NASA points to new discoveries in our solar system. We just heard big news about Jupiter, and now scientists have released information about a new discovery based on info that was gathered over the past couple of years on one of Pluto’s moons, “Charon.”





Photo by NASA Hubble

This month, the JunoCam produced clear images of the massive big “Red Spot,” which is actually a 10,000-mile wide storm in Jupiter’s atmosphere. Apparently, scientists are saying that it has changed shape and color a bit since the last time they sent a probe into space to gather info about this uncharted territory. It is apparently

a bit more of an orange tinge and more circular in shape. NASA is allowing amateurs to download raw images from the JunoCam in a crowdsourcing attempt to engage the general public in this billion dollar project. They are allowing the general public to download these images and re-upload them for people to vote on the best edits.

Pluto’s Moon “Charon”

Now thanks to NASA, you can go as far out in our solar system as Pluto to take a trip on a flyby of one of its moons, Charon. Consequently, a brand new discovery was made based on info gathered by the “New Horizons” probe over the last couple of years. This info seems to point to evidence that there was once a “massive ocean” on Charon’s surface. Although Charon is “dead” now and exhibits no geologic activity, the moon is covered with deep pits and areas that appear to have had activity at one time. As a result of a cooled core and reduced activity, the once possibly free-flowing body of water has turned into a massive sheet of ice.

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