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Princess Vitarah | The Nigerian Princess on the Rise

Princess Vitarah | Nigerian P#$$@ | Music Discovery | Artists
Princess Vitarah Via Youtube

We’re always looking for up-and-coming talent and lately, we’ve been running across all sorts of cool people. One of our latest discoveries is Princess Vitarah.

According to her Bio, she has been making music since 2015 and has gained notoriety after featuring on World Star Hip-hop. Her content is NSFW but very “self-discovery” oriented. This American-Born Nigerian princess originated from the U.S. but relocated to Nigeria where she grew up, to later return to the U.S.

Princess Vitarah | Tell Your Husband | Music Discovery | Artist | Hip-Hop | Female Rapper |
Princess Vitarah “Tell Your Husband” Via Youtube

She is compared to the likes of Niki Minaj and Lil’Kim but with a little more raw edge. She writes her own music and has a unique flair about her.

Associated act Speedy Darlington, also a U.S. based rapper and comedic act hailing from Nigeria, was recently called out by Bobrisky for putting Princess Vitarah on blast for mentioning something about wanting a “fake beef” so they could both “trend.”

What’s kind of funny about that situation, from what I gather from all of the reports from the tabloids of the internet, is that beefing is a very common thing in the music/celeb world. Lots of people get their press that way. It’s like a totally normal marketing tactic and it’s no worse really than these celebs who endorse risky health procedures that they swear by, forgetting to mention to their followers that they were paid millions of dollars to tell people to do these certain over-priced procedures that do literally nothing but just display the proportion of wealth to brains that some people have.

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Upgraded | Stephanie Ward | Jamie Loftus | Jeffrey King | Super Deluxe | Beauty
“Upgraded” | Super Deluxe Youtube Channel

However, as far as actual, shady celebrity stuff is concerned, now we do have an awesome duo who is taking these beauty treatments head on making this stuff look interesting and fun in a brilliant way. At least we know that we can count on, Jamie and Jeffrey, to tell us the truth about these new and updated procedures in their new Super Deluxe Show “Upgraded.” Which by the way, if you haven’t checked that out yet you need to after you finish here.


So, in other words, who knows if she really sent a DM like that to Speed Darlington, but better yet, who cares? A DM asking for beef is not a bad thing. People do it all of the time. It’s part of showbiz. So anyone trying to attack her character over it just doesn’t get it in the first place. To me, I see someone who is working her butt off, engaging her crowd, spending many sleepless nights honing her craft trying to make it in a tough industry. She’s doing it too.

So far she sits at around a little over 10,000 followers on Facebook and counting. Her carefree attitude, genius poetry, and confidence in her body and her roots make her a refreshing glass of water for parched ears and eyes.

Haters Gonna Hate

Princess Vitarah | M@$%^&*@#! | Music Discovery | Artist | Hip-hop | Female Rapper |
Princess Vitarah Via Youtube

Haters gonna hate. Taters gonna tate but Princess Vitarah is going to continue to use her music and her poetry to “make it” and what’s cool about that is if you check out her social media you can see that she has done so much hard work with not only promoting her own talents but she also leads her own artistic direction as an independent artist. That’s more than we can say for a lot of corporate acts.

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Using Her Talents for Good

I can see her actually using her wealth to help people who really need it because she has admitted that she has been in between a rock and a hard place herself and that’s her way of showing gratitude to the people who have had mercy on her when she has needed help. Her Twitter profile states: “My music saves lives and cures depression.” We can totally see that. She’s got a lot of talent and beauty and we love the way she engages with her fans.

To me, that’s an amazing thing and aside from her talents, the way she embraces her sexuality, and the confidence she exudes, it doesn’t appear to be for the ultimate goal of extreme self-overindulgence like a lot of celebs. She seems pretty genuine in her pursuit to inspire, engage, and motivate others to chase their dreams. If you know anyone from Nigeria you’ll understand that life is not the same everywhere else in the world and I think her refreshing perspective is a stark reminder of that.

We’d like to credit: Gre Shores for suggesting Speed Darlington through which we found Princess Vitarah.

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