Tesla “Model 3” Could be Bigger than the Ford “Model T”

Tesla’s Highly Anticipated “Model 3” Arrives

tesla model 3 photo
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The most highly anticipated, and affordable all-electric Tesla, “Model 3” is finally here. Friday, July 7th, the very first consumer-grade Tesla branded motor vehicle is hitting the market for the everyday commuter.

With a price tag at around roughly $35,000.00, the Tesla Model 3 is beckoning the average consumer to its flush-handled doors. Gavin Baker, one of Tesla’s largest stockholders, and Gene Munster, a reputable Apple Analyst, are confident that this development could easily surpass expectations set forth by previous technological developments in other relevant industries. Business Insider reiterated that it is the “largest consumer product launch ever.” The launch of this sexy, stunning beast, is being compared to the launch of the “Apple iPhone,” which single-handedly changed life as we know it.

It might even be the most revolutionary product to hit the market in the auto industry since Henry Ford’s Model “T.” We will soon find out as July the 28th will mark the date which is anticipated as a soon-to-be historic moment, on which the first 30 Model 3’s will be presented to consumers.

Tesla Model 3 Deets

This bad boy was built to go from 0-60MPH in 60 seconds flat. With a totally unique design, it comes equipped with a continuous plate of glass extending from the windshield all the way to the rear spoiler. A bit lighter than the luxury models, the battery was constructed to handle 200 miles,

The Model 3 is equipped to handle wireless updates, setting a new industry standard for a little taste of advanced automated technology, with more to come. A brand new feature they’ve labeled “Autopilot,” that mimics the self-driving car, has been implemented to put this already state-of-the-art piece of machinery a cut above the competition.

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Stocks Fluctuate: An Unsure Future for the Tesla Model 3

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Photo by OnInnovation

With all of the hype surrounding this sassy piece of equipment, a shortage of batteries capable of exceeding a 200-mile capacity has made it difficult for manufacturers to meet the demand for previous models. This seems to have placed a good bit of doubt into the minds of stockholders. Consequently, stock prices have significantly fluctuated as a result of this uncertainty concerning Elon Musk’s target to meet manufacturer quotas.

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