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Thank you for your interest in our “SEO Content Writer Development Program.” Please take the next steps to set up your online account while we process your application. We will tailor our plan to fit your needs based on your interests, lifestyle, and objectives. We will assign a manageable work-load for you with writing assignments based on your selected preferences for “niche content.”

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Step 4: Join Our Band Group – Read the Updates pinned to the top of the group to get familiar with the apps, tools, and formats we use to produce our content.

When we have finished processing your application we will provide you with access to a shared OneNote notebook where you can write your rough drafts. We’ll edit them as you go, publish them, and critique them.

When we have a good feel for your experience level and pace we will provide you with access to our content calendar, provision your login account to give you the ability to submit your articles directly to our content que using WordPress, and add you to our official roster.

When we see that you are operating on at least an intermediate level we will assess your progress and provide you with our seal of approval with a letter of recommendation, LinkedIn recommendation, and rating for your Facebook Author page.

Thank you again for your interest. We look forward to getting to know you, to help you grow, and see what you have to offer as far as talents that you may not even realize you have.

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