UNKLE Dropping a New Album

UNKLE is Releasing their First, Full-Length Album in 7 Years

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UNKLE is dropping their first album since 2010. After a 7-year long wait, fans will be able to listen to new music on August 18th, 2017. Their new album titled “The Road: Part 1” is essentially a follow-up to “Where Did the Night Fall,” which featured members from Primal Scream and Queens of the Stone Age. By the way, Queens of the Stone Age are coming out with a new album this year too so keep an eye out for that!

The Epitome of Excellence

We’re including their previous album here because it was just so unbelievably amazing we can not even contain ourselves. UNKLE is like the epitome of excellence. Their previous album also features members of Autolux in the instrumental track “Joy Factory.” With 29 tracks of pure blissful deep dark symphonic pleasure.

Where Did the Night Fall

UNKLE is pretty much everything that is right with this world. Originally, they included the master of sampling himself DJ Shadow. They essentially help to define the genre Trip-hop, along with Portishead and Massive Attack. Trip-hop is most definitely making its comeback although as far as we are concerned it has never gone out of style. Another one of our favorites, “The Answer” featured Big in Japan.

Psyence Fiction

Let’s not forget “Psyence Fiction,” from 1998, one of the single-handedly best albums of all time! “Blood Stain“, “Lonely Soul,”and of course “Rabit in Your Headlights.” If you are a Radiohead fan, you’re going to trip out over “Rabit in Your Headlights.” We. Just. Can. Not. With. This. The level of excitement we feel right now over this new album can not be adequately described at the moment.

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Shut Up and Listen: You’re Welcome

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We pretty much live for anything put together by UNKLE. We are obsessed with former member, DJ Shadow also. You should too if you know anything about music at all. If you didn’t know about them before we just announced them to you, you’re going to kick yourself in the butt for missing out on this gem and you’re going to be in love. It doesn’t matter what you feel like right now, if you shut your dirty mouths, put your headphones on, download each of these albums, kick back and listen you won’t feel anything other than good.

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Photo by Man Alive!

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