Washed Out – “Mister Mellow” Debuting in June

Washed Out - "Mister Mellow" Brand New Tunes for Summer

Washed Out will be releasing their new album "Mister Mellow" June 30th, 2017. Washed Out is based out of Athens, GA as a duo signed to Stones Throw Records. Based out of Los Angeles, Stones Throw Records is a label that was created by DJ and producer, Peanut Butter Wolf.

Washed Out's music is generally really pretty fun to listen to. We really dig the trailer for their newest album, which can be seen below. It's a little bit retro. It's super chill, and kind of sassy. It's perfect for summer, and we're into it.

Washed out is a very tech-forward musical act. This Youtube Video explains how they use Microsoft tools to produce a dynamic, live audio visual show. based on mixed media videos produced by 11 different video artists for each of their songs from "Mister Mellow."  Also, check out the individual available kits from Microsoft that Washed Out, among other popular artists of similar sort of psychedelic genres, use to make their music come to life, here.

We really look forward to hearing the rest of the album. So far, we like what we've heard. They definitely don't disappoint my expectations for rad new music coming out this year, that I'll actually listen to. Interestingly enough, Beach House is also dropping an album the same day. I like them both and I don't really see this as being anything similar to the little Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, alleged beef we heard about a few weeks ago. Be on the lookout for this one!

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Check out the playlist from their forthcoming album in the iTunes player provided. Bookmark this link where "Mister Mellow," will be available to preview and purchase soon!

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