This Week’s Picks: A Few Cool Items We Found that We Think You’ll Like

Check Out this Week’s Picks

We’re just doing 5 items this time. Nothing too fancy, just a few cool things we found doing some window shopping. Click the photos and it will take you to where you can go to purchase each individual item. Here are this week’s picks! Have fun!

Picks | Copper Nail Clippers

For those of you who like to have unique and creative yet functional conversation pieces, check out these “fish” nail clippers with a copper finish. At around $10.00, it’s not a bad option to throw in the cosmetic bag.


Show Me Your Kitties | Mug |

Now, this is just clever. This is for the cheeky cat lover. If you don’t like coffee, you can put something else in it, I’m sure. So, don’t trip. At around $20, it’s not a bad deal!

Rose Gold Earings | Studs | Accessories | Beatreaper.comThese are very very simple, and they’re just pretty. They’re under $20 too. You can wear them with anything, and don’t worry about them clashing with your copper nail clippers. It’s good to have variety.


Writing Pad | Everything is Fine |

This is around $10. It’s a pretty cool little pad of paper for those avid note-takers. It’s always good to have something handy to write on. This pretty much sums up the sentiments of most adults in an overwhelmingly consumeristic society, but hey, that’s okay, you earned it!

Build Your Own Computer |

Here’s the good stuff. For under $120 you can build your own computer. Yes, you can build your own computer. This is WAY cool. It’s for ages 6+ so you can get one for your little niece too and she will love it!

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